Imagine you had a “cheat sheet” with the precise dates the market will move the most this year…

With such a powerful tool, you could stay out of the markets while the lemmings run off a cliff…

Plus, you could pounce and make a killing on only the most lucrative market days.

Sounds like a daydream for traders, but it’s actually not. It’s a real phenomenon in a market like this.

That’s the word from longtime PBRG friend and Market Wizard Larry Benedict.

We call Larry a “Market Wizard” because Barron’s featured his hedge fund three times in the top 1% in the world… And Jack Schwager, author of the renowned Market Wizards book series, dedicated an entire chapter to profiling him.

Larry has been targeting these dates in earnest since January 2022 – generating 89 winners, including 64 that hit 100% or higher.

On March 8, Larry will host a special briefing to explain how this “cheat sheet” works.

The event is called the Shockwave Summit. You can reserve your seat right here. And as a Daily reader, you’ll get a free bonus when you tune in.


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily