If you follow me regularly in these dispatches, you know I generally stick to cold, hard data.

And it’s worked well for me – and my readers. Here are just a few of the messages I’ve received this month…

From Dennis R.: Jason, I love your honesty and encouraging news… and that you’re brave enough to stick with the data!

From Richard M.: Just saying thank you for being an old-school stock-picker who uses science and experience. I’ve passed your strategy on to others who’ve asked how I made a killing on the last dip. I told them that Jason B. is my inside man.

From Mary-Beth G.: I’m always looking forward to your comments, Jason. I love being unpopular, so keep up the good work! Appreciate all the work you do for us.

One of the reasons I left Wall Street was to help ordinary investors like Dennis, Richard, and Mary-Beth grow their wealth. And it heartens me that they – and thousands of others like them – are profiting from my “unbeatable” stock-picking system.

Currently, my Palm Beach Trader portfolio has an 82.4% win rate, with average gains of 64.7%. So congratulations to those who had the courage to follow me and my system’s data.

Now, over the past two weeks, it’s been telling me pretty much the same thing: The market is still extremely overbought and a short-term sell-off is coming. So you know the drill… We’ll ride this rally until it crests, then buy the pullback.

But life is about more than just numbers.

And today, I want to share my outlook for the future – and why I think it’ll be brighter than the pessimists in the mainstream media will have you believe…

Staying Positive in Uncertain Times

People who know me know that I’m a glass-half-full guy. But I’m also no Pollyanna.

We’re in the midst of reopening in Florida, where I live with my family. My wife is reading more to pass the time. And we’re starting to hang out with some friends again – albeit at a social distance in our backyard.

Meanwhile, my three young sons are champing at the bit to get back outside.

My oldest son wants to see his girlfriend… My middle son wants to hang out with his friends… And my youngest wants to go to summer camp and play basketball and tennis.

I want to let them be kids. But at the same time, I don’t want them to risk infection by going out. You see, the number of coronavirus cases here is starting to spike again.

And with Father’s Day approaching, I’m also deciding on whether or not to invite my dad over.

He’s diabetic, asthmatic, and has immunological issues. So he has a high risk of catching COVID-19. But we’ll find a way to invite him over safely.

Now, no amount of data and profits can replace human interaction and connection. And that’s why I’m looking forward to emerging from the pandemic and into a new normal…

Do the Things That Bring You Joy

There’s still a lot of uncertainty out there. Markets continue to be volatile, and the nationwide reopening is off to a bumpy start.

But people are now able to start moving around more freely. And as long as we keep social distancing, wearing masks, and following all the other health guidelines… we should see the economy recover even more.

Remember, you’ll be the first to know when my system says the inevitable short-term market pullback has arrived. And by then, you’ll have plenty of dry powder ready to buy outlier stocks at bargain basement prices.

So rather than stressing over the day-to-day market movements, we’ll continue to patiently wait to profit.

In the meantime, we should focus on what matters the most: family and friends.

When I’m not diving deep into the numbers, I’m spending time with my family and working on my hobbies – like music. It helps me tune out the noise of the mainstream press.

And you should do some of the things that make you happy, too…

Enjoy time with family and friends (while maintaining social distancing guidelines). Learn new hobbies or pick up old ones again, whatever they may be.

And to all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!

Patience and process!


Jason Bodner
Editor, Palm Beach Insider

P.S. I’d love to hear from you. So let me know what hobbies you’re enjoying in your free time… or how you plan to spend time with your loved ones right here.