Position Size Calculator

How much of a new investment should you buy?  Use this calculator to “work backward” based on how much of your total portfolio you want to risk on this one position. It will give you the number of shares to purchase, and a trailing stop price to use.

Symbol Type: Select the type of investment—either a stock, index, fund or option

Symbol: The ticker symbol of your investment

Entry Price (per unit), $: The price you’re paying per share or unit

Trade Type: Select “Long” if you’re buying, or “Short” if you’re selling short

Total Investable Assets: Your total portfolio value

Risk, %: What percentage of your portfolio you’re willing to risk on this one investment

Stop Type: You can have a percentage-based trailing stop (i.e., a 20% trailing stop) or a specific stop price (at which you’ll sell if the price drops to this level or lower)

TS, %: If you selected a % trailing stop, this is the amount of that percentage