Right now, we’re in the middle of one of the most exciting times to trade the markets each year.

You might think I’ve got the coming election on my mind, or the yearly “Santa Claus” rally we see every December…

Those would be good guesses, but you’d also only be partly right.

What I’m focused on, a vast majority of investors never even think about. To be fair, they wouldn’t necessarily know to look for it anyway. It’s a rare look inside the portfolios of Wall Street’s biggest investors: hedge funds, pension funds, and other billionaire-types.

And this inside view can potentially guide the future price moves of very specific stocks in the coming three months.

Let’s say you actually knew what to look for… and you’re lucky enough to be quick … then you might have the slim chance to scoop up shares of some of these stocks before they soar. That’s the best-case scenario for most everyday investors.

But when you have a proprietary market-reading system, built and refined over 20 years like I do… the odds get as close to certain as one can get.

And better yet, you’re letting all the other everyday investors do the work for you.

Let me explain…

A Pack of Hungry Dogs and One Steak

Last Wednesday, I showed how 13F filings and trading algorithms move the markets. These filings, by law, force Wall Street’s biggest investors to reveal where they’re putting their money each quarter.

When these filings come out, it can create a trading setup like a pack of hungry dogs trying to fit through one doggy door – after someone just plopped a juicy T-bone steak in a single bowl on the other side.

Here’s the thing, though… Everyday investors like you and me may make up one or two of those dogs. The rest are all algorithms trained to quickly read news headlines and pump up the stocks they mention. It’s estimated that between 70-90% of all daily volume traded on the aggregate stock exchanges are not only institutional, but high-frequency trading algorithms.

So it’s not surprising that everyday people get squeezed out of these opportunities. By the time they get through to the kitchen, there’s hardly anything left in the bowl other than a few stray morsels.

Big Money always had the upper hand in stocks, but it wasn’t always as one-sided as it is now. And while it may feel unfair that the biggest investing firms in the world have the resources to outbid the little guy, it makes sense that they would exploit any advantage they may have.

After more than 12 years on Wall Street at Cantor Fitzgerald – 7 of which I was Head of Derivatives, moving tens of billions of dollars every year, I saw this dynamic play out time and again. Once I figured out the pattern, I knew I had to do something about it and shift the odds in my favor.

I mean, there had to be some way to predict when big money was moving into these stocks BEFORE the 13F filings came out… And also before trading algorithms could blow up the stocks in those filings.

It took years of hard work, analysis, money, and iteration. But I finally perfected it.

The Algorithm Beater

Lately I’ve referred to my system as an “algorithm beater,” because it does something for me that’s far more advanced – and useful – than any trading algorithm out there.

Unlike computers that scan the headlines that feed through all media outlets, and mindlessly bid or offer stocks mentioned in 13F filings… My system identifies when the big money is buying those stocks – long before the 13F filing period even starts.

When you have a system like this, you aren’t one of the pack of dogs fighting for the T-bone steak. You’re more like the one lucky dog getting to watch the person put it in the bowl. And you also happen to know there are a dozen more in the freezer.

That’s because when you use this system, you often get in at prices far below what any investor will pay on the day of the 13F filing. And once that day comes, you get to sit back and watch the crowd pile in. The stock you bought weeks ago pops 5%… 10%… and possibly much more… without you even having to lift a finger.

That sounds nice on its own. But because of my system’s predictive nature, there’s actually a way to juice these gains even more…

Juicing the Big Money Buy Signal

Buying and holding the stocks my system identifies is a great strategy on its own. It’s the strategy I use both in my personal account, and what I recommend to my subscribers in Palm Beach Trader – which currently has open gains of:

  • The Trade Desk (TTD) +585%

  • SolarEdge (SEDG) +429%

  • Paycom Software (PAYC) +242%

  • Nvidia (NVDA) +200%

  • Veeva Systems (VEEV) +139%

(Quick note: I don’t recommend buying these stocks now after they’ve run up so much. But I’m always finding new big ideas.)

Now those are fantastic gains – straight up. I’ll happily brag that I gave readers those opportunities.

But when you’re able to see where the big money is pouring its money ahead of its 13F release, you can also use a little-known technique to potentially amplify those gains even higher – and faster.

By putting just a small amount of money into each of the ideas, you could possibly see returns of 315%… 1,110%… 3,200%… even more.

It sounds crazy, I know. But my proprietary system gives an edge that most investors simply don’t have.

You see, when you know well in advance what stocks will be listed in a mega-billionaire’s 13F filing… and you know the period in which those filings will release… It’s just a matter of picking the right trade and waiting for the day to come.

And, as luck would have it, my system does all the work for us.

With the last quarter recently ending and 13F season right around the corner, I recorded an urgent video message to give you all the details.

I wish I could keep this online all year round, but this is a limited-time opportunity.

If you want to stop being one of the hungry dogs in the pack, and trade like a true Wall Street insider, then you need to see this. Just click here to see what it’s all about.

Patience and process!


Jason Bodner
Editor, Palm Beach Insider