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Nilus Mattive

Nilus Mattive bought his first stock in the sixth grade and has remained fascinated by the financial markets ever since.

After graduating with a triple major in philosophy, theology, and English, Nilus began his professional career at Jono Steinberg’s Individual Investor Group, where he published his original research through a regular investment column.

Later, he worked for a private equity business and then spent five years editing Standard & Poor’s flagship investment newsletter. He also wrote The Standard & Poor’s Guide for the New Investor, which was published by McGraw-Hill and has since been translated into Chinese.

After leaving New York City, Nilus became a widely recognized expert on income investments and retirement strategies, and built up an enviable 15-year track record of winning ideas at the helm of various newsletters and trading services published by Weiss Research and Agora Financial.

His research and analysis have appeared on a number of mainstream investment websites, including BusinessWeek, Dow Jones’ MarketWatch, and Fox News. And he has discussed dividends, income investing, and personal finance matters on popular investment shows like Traders Nation, Invest Express, Wall Street Shuffle, and Money Matters.

Nilus currently lives in Santa Barbara, California and spends his spare time surfing, snowboarding, and traveling up and down the coast with his wife and daughter.

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