Our Products

The Palm Beach Letter is our flagship investment advisory. In this advisory, we mainly recommend safe, income-producing assets like dividend-paying stocks that fit into our overall wealth-building strategy. We also set aside a small portion of The Palm Beach Letter portfolio for smart speculations in off-Wall Street markets such as cryptocurrencies, real estate, and collectibles.

Palm Beach Confidential is our small-cap and cryptocurrency service. Most of the companies and cryptos we recommended in this service have market caps of less than $1 billion. Palm Beach Confidential is widely considered one of the premier crypto publications in the world. In this advisory, we use a strategy called “asymmetric investing,” which allows you to turn small sums of money into life-changing gains.

Palm Beach Crypto Income is a unique service that doesn’t only look for cryptocurrencies that appreciate in price… but also pay incredible dividends – so you can make income no matter what the market is doing. And despite what you might think, you don’t need to be a tech expert to benefit from most of these opportunities.

Web3 is the next evolution of the internet. And the beauty of it is that you can own a piece of the protocols that will exchange trillions of dollars worth of value. In Palm Beach Pioneer, we find projects that are the building blocks of Web3 and give you the potential to at least 10x your money.

Palm Beach Crypto Trader is unlike any research product offered by Palm Beach Research Group. In this service, we use the power of artificial intelligence to spot crypto trading opportunities that are invisible to humans.

At Alpha Edge, we show readers how to use unique, hedge fund-level strategies to beat Wall Street at its own game. By setting up trades to deliver consistent profits, they help readers achieve the Alpha Edge mantra no matter which way the market swings: Heads we win; tails we don't lose.

Palm Beach Crypto Elite includes membership to all of our three cryptocurrency services, Palm Beach Confidential, Palm Beach Crypto Income and Palm Beach Pioneer. As an Elite subscriber, you get every recommendation, every special report, every bonus – everything from those three services – for as long as we publish them.

Palm Beach Infinity is our highest and most-valued level of membership. As an Infinity member, you get unlimited access to nearly all our premier trading services. You’ll receive special research typically walled off from everyday investors, as well as portfolios, reports, and other perks exclusive to Infinity members. Our services span crypto, options, stocks, and other investment strategies. No matter which way the market moves, they teach you how to turn small sums of money into life-changing gains.