SEC Chair Gary Gensler has pulled out his six-shooter and is playing sheriff. And now he’s going after the big boys.

Today, the U.S. Security and Exchange (SEC) charged Coinbase for operating as an unregistered securities exchange.

That followed Monday’s big announcement that the SEC had charged the U.S. arm of the Binance exchange for similar rules violations.

The charges caused volatility in the crypto markets – with bitcoin and Coinbase falling as much as 6% and 26%, respectively, over the past two days.

Some of you may be worried that this is the death blow for crypto.

I can tell you unequivocally, it’s not.

This isn’t the first time a world power has tried to crack down on crypto.

In 2021, China banned crypto trading and mining… But on June 1 this year, the country did an about-face and allowed crypto trading in the territory of Hong Kong.

In this special video update, I’ll tell you why I believe we’ll eventually see a similar reversal by the U.S. government. Plus, I’ll explain why the timing presents us with an incredible buying opportunity.

You see, there’s a new crypto development that’s going to have far bigger implications than the SEC’s crusade against crypto exchanges…

Because this crypto breakthrough has the potential to dethrone the FAANG companies…

Drive crypto into the mainstream at an almost unbelievable speed…

And give rise to a new generation of crypto projects that I strongly believe will hand you the biggest gains in the next crypto bull market.

Tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET, I’ll explain how we can take advantage of the weakness in the market.

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Big T

Big T here, with a quick update.

What’s Going on With the SEC and Crypto?

SEC Chair Gary Gensler has pulled out his six-gun and is playing sheriff very late in the game. And he’s going after people he really shouldn’t be going after.

Yesterday, we saw this more than 130-page complaint against Binance. I haven’t gone through all of it. I’ve skimmed through it.

And then today, he went after Coinbase saying the way it’s structured means it should be a broker dealer. Of course, they have a very different point of view on this.

We’ve seen prices come in a little bit. I’m looking at bitcoin trading at $25,000 and change and ETH trading at $1,800 and change. Really, the alt coins have been hit harder. The SEC came out and listed a number of coins saying that it thinks they’re securities.

We own some of those coins. We don’t really see an issue. We can easily trade them, either through DEXs or through the current exchanges that we have access to now.

And this is the bigger point I want to get to. China tried a similar way – this heavy-handed, broad-brush stroke − at adding regulation to crypto. And everybody just started using a VPN and trading crypto regardless.

What’s going to happen if Gensler keeps pushing the way that he’s pushing is our entire crypto ecosystem of companies that support crypto are just going to move offshore.

American investors and traders are going to go on the internet and Google, “How do I trade on a foreign exchange?” They’re going to learn about VPNs the same way the Chinese did.

And you’re just going to have a whole host of American traders using VPNs to access things like Binance.

The way Gensler is going about this is unenforceable for crypto in general. Because of its decentralized nature, because you’re dealing with software, and because you’re dealing with peer-to-peer, it’s almost impossible to regulate in a very heavy-handed way. And Gensler’s discovering that.

I think we’ve got to ask, “How much pressure does this put on a crypto market? Does this kill crypto? Is this the death blow that everybody’s been scared about ever since I’ve been in crypto in 2016?”

And the answer is a resounding no.

Just like the Chinese, Gary Gensler is going to realize there’s only so far you can go in terms of how much regulatory pressure you put on this sector… Especially going after people who are trying to be compliant to the best of their ability.

American-based exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, or Gemini… to go after those guys is just another level of dumb.

Why don’t you take those resources and go after the people who are promoting these blatantly garbage Ponzi scheme coins. Why are you going after these American companies that have done everything in their power to remain compliant?

It comes down to institutional laziness, low hanging fruit. It’s a lot of work to go after international criminals. It’s much easier to go after an organization based here in the United States.

I’ve got nothing nice to say about Gary Gensler. I’m sure he’s a perfectly fine human being. But in terms of his approach to crypto: Come in and talk to us and let’s work together… And then you do that, and he comes after you with violations?

Come on. How is that fostering an environment of cooperation and of growth of this asset class?

You’re criminalizing the entire asset class by forcing it to go offshore, where regulation isn’t as strong, where transparency isn’t as strong… But the genie is out of the bottle. People want to trade crypto and there’s nothing any government can do about it.

And again, because of the decentralized peer-to-peer nature of it, no government can stop it. Anybody can use a VPN and get access to any crypto trading desk they want to. It doesn’t matter where the crypto trading desk is in the world.

So a lot of this is very hollow. A lot of this is very grandstanding.

I don’t know if Gensler has a political career he’s trying to get ready for… But he’s imperiling America’s position as a preeminent leader in this space. And that’s a huge mistake.

This Is a Buying Opportunity

Now, for us as investors, to my mind and to my view, this is an incredible opportunity.

Now, I’ve talked about bear markets before. I have an event going on this Wednesday night, June 7, at 8 p.m. ET. There, I’m specifically talking about the weakness that’s going on in the market and how to take advantage of it and a series of things that are occurring that are actually going to bring billions of people into crypto.

For my money, this is a buying opportunity.

What do you do here? Continue to dollar-cost average into the coins that you love, continue to dollar-cost average into BTC. If we could get $20,000–22,000 on bitcoin, I think that’s an opportunistic level where you can put more capital to work.

If you have capital on the sidelines that you’re saying, “I really want to wait for a bit more of a cathartic selloff, you can use that $20,000–22,000 level on BTC.

Same thing with Ethereum. Anywhere between $1,200–1,500… If you see the coin pull back into that price, that’s a place where you can put opportunistic capital to work. And I think you’ll do very well in a very short period of time.

Because again, both of these coins have been incredibly well-bid.

Yes, some of the smaller coins… their bids are always going to be weaker when you have so-called “bad news” hit the market. And that’s a great buying opportunity for much more of your risk capital. We’re going to be taking advantage of that across all my publications.

But in terms of BTC and ETH, when you want to put bigger money to work – what I call opportunistic capital – you need to wait for a little bit more selling.

So again, BTC, $20–22,000, you can put opportunistic capital to work. Ethereum, $1,200–1,500, you can do the same there. I don’t know if we’re going to see it. I’m waiting for it. I’d love to put a little bit more money to work here.

I believe the patience will pay off. So don’t chase here. Let the game come to you. This is just another day in crypto. Do not let this man Gary Gensler take even one iota of your brain space.

The genie is out of the bottle, whether they like it or not. Crypto is here. Hundreds of millions of people are trading it. Soon, billions of people are going to be trading it. And the regulatory organizations are going to have to figure out how to give these guys a little bit of room.

You’ve Got to Follow Institutional Incentives

Now, one last piece I do want to point out is this does have a bit of a smell to it. Because when I looked through the complaint against Binance – again, I didn’t read every line – one area of it really struck me. There was a two-to-three-year period when the SEC is claiming that Binance made $11.5 billion in gross profit. So those are 11.5 billion reasons for the SEC…

In my opinion, I believe the SEC is an enforcement group to protect this big boy racket of Wall Street. It doesn’t really take down big firms. It goes after smaller people, smaller firms, and it’s the last to actually root out real corruption.

Anyway, that said, it looks to me as if Gensler is trying to clear the decks and clear the way so the bigger firms can come in and they can start eating that $11.5 billion in fees.

So if Gensler comes in and says, “Oh no, Binance is no good, you shouldn’t be using it… In fact, we’re going to block you from using Binance. We’re going to force you to use a VPN if you want to use Binance. And if you connect to Binance with any of your American bank accounts, you’re going to lose your bank account…” This is a way for him to clear the way for American institutions to offer all types of trading, all types of services, and for them to get the fees.

Is that far-fetched? I don’t think so. Can I prove it? I’ll never be able to prove it. Nobody will be able to prove it, and it’s just my opinion. So hold your horses Gary Gensler. Nobody’s saying you’re actually doing that. I’m just saying it looks smelly, it looks dirty.

If, after all these years, now you’re coming out with these complaints… At the same point in time, every major American institution is beginning to offer access to bitcoin and Ethereum to all of their clients… How long before they’ll have full trading platforms where they’ll have access to offer all of these “security tokens,” which they’re not? American companies will essentially have the monopoly on that trading.

We’re not that far away from that.

Friends, you’ve got to follow the money and you’ve got to follow the incentives. And these incentives stink to high heaven.

What it looks to me is an early shot to clear the path for the industrialization of American institutions coming into this space and offering trading on every other coin that Binance offers trading on.


Because of the money. They want the money – the billions and billions of fees. And not only the billions in fees that Binance currently makes, but the hundreds of billions in fees that will be made in this space over the next several years as billions of people come into this space.

Who do you think wants to dominate that? The American industrial system. I’m talking about the Wall Street system.

They want to own it, lock, stock, and barrel. They’re going to do their best to do that. It’s going to be a process.

In terms of driving greater adoption, it’s great for us. More people buy bitcoin. More people buy ETH. More people buy the alt coins. It’s very good for us because we’re in early.

Companies like Binance are going to have a tough time in terms of dealing with the American government. But Binance does not have a set location anywhere in the world. Everything they do is software based and you can’t shut down the entire internet.

So I don’t think Binance is being shut down anytime soon. Coinbase has both the political muscle and the financial muscle to fight Gensler. And I think they’ll ultimately prevail. But it’s going to be a long, drawn-out process.

For us as investors, what do we do? We take advantage of any weakness that comes into the market to add to our favorite positions and get involved opportunistically in bitcoin, should we see this selloff accelerate − which it may or may not. That remains to be seen.

Alright, friends, that is enough out of me. I’ll catch up with you in the next video. And I want you to always remember, Let the Game Come to You!