From Patricia S.: I’ve lived an unusual life. I’m a devotee of a Spiritual Master Santosha Tantra (since 1986), and I love her dearly. I have always felt moved to be generous in gifting her and participating in her life of love to All Beings. Enlightened Masters are precious resources who keep the Heart of Pure Love alive in this world. But in the West, particularly, they are viewed with suspicion and disregard.

I am concerned with the resources I will have to live on during retirement, and that is why I am writing to you.

I’m 75 years old, and my net worth is less than $40,000. When I retire in January, I will earn about $41,000 per year between Social Security and two small pensions.

I just finished listening to a presentation from Oxford Resource Explorer about a major breakthrough in the gasoline business. If it is true, it is extraordinary, but they want $50 for this report. They claim that gasoline is being made without oil.

Another financial newsletter, Retirement Millionaire, said by October 2015, the U.S. monetary system will be totally changed by use of a digital system installed into credit cards. They predict a lot of profit is possible. Evidently, it’s already happening. But the report is complicated.

I don’t want to risk my small resources and make a mistake that I can’t come back from.

This is why I’m reaching out to you. Everyone is selling reports on how to get rich, but it seems like a jungle to me.

Reeves’ Comment: Patricia, thanks for your letter. I can empathize with your predicament.

My mother is nearing retirement. She’s worked hard for decades. Her income was often high… but she’s been self-employed for most of her working life. That means she’s had to foot the bill for all of her health insurance costs… pay payroll taxes twice (both as her own “employer” and as an “employee”)… receive no pension… and fund a retirement account smaller than she would have liked.

One day, you realize you don’t have enough assets to fund anything close to a comfortable retirement. It’s scary. And this fear can lead you to take big risks with your assets.

This dangerous situation is often magnified by the various promotions circulating through our industry. It’s not that the promotions themselves are fraudulent or deceptive. It’s that they’re confusing.

One analyst says to stay bullish. Another says buy gold and run for the hills. Others tout triple-digit gains—like those in our own Jump Point Trader program. If you don’t understand the relationship between the various investment services and your own wealth-building needs, it can lead to disastrous decisions with your money.

This is why PBRG has sunk hundreds of man-hours of our top analysts’ time to craft our recommended asset allocation models. These allow you to size up your current financial situation fast… then take the appropriate steps to improve your status, safely.

So Patricia, before you do anything, please read the PBRG 2015 Asset Allocation Guide. It will help you recognize your needs. And it will act as a filter for all promotions and services you’re exposed to in the world of finance and investment.

Thank you again for your trust in us.