“It feels almost like the first email getting sent at the dawn of the internet…”

The first ever international trade transaction utilizing “blockchain” technology just took place.

[The blockchain is a secure digital ledger. It’s the root technology behind bitcoin (and all cryptocurrencies).]

The transaction would have taken 10 days to complete using current “paper-trail” banking technology and practices. But the two trading partners used the blockchain to transfer $100,000 (in exchange for cheese and butter) across oceans in under four hours.

In today’s can’t-miss 3-Minute Market Minder, The Palm Beach Letter’s Teeka Tiwari details this game-changing monetary development. And while they’d never admit it… this is the kind of thing keeping Wall Street CEOs and central bankers up at night.

Big T is adamant: If you haven’t diversified into cryptocurrencies yet, the train is about to leave the station…

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