I’ve been in the markets across four separate decades: the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and the 2010s.

During that time, I’ve seen some amazing technological breakthroughs.

I’m here today to tell you that there’s a tech boom on the horizon that has the potential to be much bigger than any application of technology I’ve ever seen before.

According to PwC Global, this megatrend will create $15.7 trillion in new wealth.

That’s why some of the biggest tech names on the face of the Earth – Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, and Meta – are spending as much as $20 billion on this technology in this year alone.

A new report by McKinsey shows that two-thirds of all companies are investing in this technology right now.

Friends, I’m talking about artificial intelligence, or AI.

AI is absolutely exploding right now.

ChatGPT is everywhere. And for the first time ever, everyday people can now interact with AI right from their computers.

Think about this: We were barely hearing about AI just a few months ago. And it’s already the fastest-adopted business technology in history.

The adoption rate for AI is 42 times faster than the internet. Nobody has ever seen anything like this.

Just to give you an idea, it took Netflix three and a half years to reach a million users. For ChatGPT, it took just five days.

Please take a moment and think about how crazy that is.

It’s truly a digital “gold rush”… And it’s the most remarkable tech frenzy I’ve seen in my entire investing career.

I believe this is the beginning of a full-blown mania…

Shares of Nvidia, one of the most popular AI stocks, are already up over 200% since the beginning of the year. The company’s market cap now sits north of $1 trillion – joining the likes of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.

(By the way, I started telling my readers about Nvidia and this coming AI boom in December 2015. Since then, shares have jumped as high as 5,246%.)

But I’m not here to talk about Nvidia… or any other stock, for that matter.

I’m here to talk about an even more exciting area of the AI space: AI cryptos. These are tokens that power AI blockchain platforms.

The Rise of AI Coins

In essence, these coins are combining the two biggest technologies of this century: blockchain and AI.

This is the hottest new trend in the crypto world, and it’s still just a tiny, little niche of the crypto market.

Since this is a brand-new trend, many of these cryptos still trade for pocket change. So it doesn’t take much to send them skyrocketing.

For example, earlier this year a coin called Artificial Liquid Intelligence jumped as high as 839%.. SingularityNet rocketed 1,108%… And SelfKey soared an incredible 5,077%.

Friends, everything I’ve seen across four separate decades indicates this is just the beginning of a historic boom.

But there’s just one big problem: We’re running out of time.

Why You Need to Act Now

That’s because there’s an event scheduled for August 23 at precisely 4 p.m. ET that I believe will send the AI trend into a parabolic move higher.

And just to be clear, this isn’t a prediction. This event is guaranteed to happen on August 23 at 4 p.m. ET.

So you must act quickly. After August 23 it could be too late.

That’s why I’m holding a special briefing tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET called The #1 Coin for the AI Boom.

During this briefing, I’ll explain exactly what this upcoming event is and why it’s a massive catalyst for the AI boom.

I’ll also share details about my No. 1 AI coin. It’s trading for less than $1. But according to my research, it has at least 100x more upside potential than popular AI stocks like Nvidia.

Hear me when I tell you this: When this event that’s coming up on August 23 happens, it will, in my opinion, have massive and immediate repercussions,

Just a few minutes after the event, as people start putting the pieces together for what it will mean for this specific AI coin I’ve discovered…

Well, by then it could be trading 2x, 5x, or even 10x higher.

After that, forget about skyrocketing. This coin could go flying past the moon all the way to Mars. There’s no telling how high it could go.

If you miss this opportunity, you’ll likely never see one like it again.

So join me tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET. The event is free to attend, and you’ll even receive a free pick. Remember, my past free picks have an average peak gain of over 1,200%. That’s more than 13 times your money.

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Friends, there’s so much money to be made from this AI trend.

So I can’t wait to reveal the catalyst that’s about to kick off what could be the biggest money-making bull market of my career.

Let the Game Come to You!

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