I can’t love stocks… but I love bitcoin and gold.

That’s the word from billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones.

Jones founded Tudor Investment Corporation in 1980. He started with just $30,000 to manage. Today, his firm manages over $9 billion.

Suffice to say, he knows how to make money.

So it was significant when Jones told CNBC on Tuesday that he’s buying BTC due to the combination of extensive geopolitical risk and rising U.S. government debt levels.

“This might be the most threatening geopolitical environment I’ve ever seen,” Jones said, referring to the Israel-Hamas conflict and Russia-Ukraine war.

And on rising interest rates…

As interest costs go up in the United States, you get in this vicious circle where higher interest rates cause higher funding costs, cause higher debt issuance, which cause further bond liquidation, which cause higher rates, which put us in an untenable fiscal position.

I can’t love stocks… but I love bitcoin and gold.

Jones first made waves in May 2020 when he said he had put 1%–2% of his assets in the crypto. A year later, he said he wanted an allocation to bitcoin of 5%.

Since then, bitcoin is up nearly 3x. But the ride has been volatile. Bitcoin has seen three drawdowns of 50% or greater over the past three years.

From the beginning, Daily editor Teeka Tiwari has warned readers that crypto will be the most volatile investment you’ll ever own. It’s like riding a wild bull.

But thanks to recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), he’s now found a way to capture the meat of those gains while sidestepping much of the volatility.

Now that he’s finally filed a patent on it, Teeka is introducing C.O.N.A.N.

That stands for Crypto Optimization Neural Artificial Network.

Our firm has invested a significant amount of money and time to build C.O.N.A.N. And Teeka’s research team spent countless hours researching and testing it.

The AI large language model (LLM) we’re using can analyze thousands of permutations of the 200 data inputs we use from the crypto market. Then it “crunches” all of that data to predict which assets it expects to move higher in the days and weeks ahead.

Through our backtesting, we determined that the strongest signals are generated with a 60-day cycle.

That means we can expect the big moves in the underlying asset within 60 days of receiving the signal, not the normal two tumultuous years we’ve had to wait in the past.

This AI can pinpoint the exact moment these cycles begin… giving you a chance to accelerate your crypto gains. And it has just triggered three new buy alerts.

On Wednesday night, Teeka held a presentation to introduce C.O.N.A.N. He also give away the first-ever crypto trade from C.O.N.A.N.… completely free of charge.

You can stream the replay right here.


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily