From Teeka Tiwari, editor, The Palm Beach Letter: There’s a rebellion taking place in Argentina… and the government is losing.

The battle is with $60 billion ride-sharing behemoth Uber. The Argentine government hates it.

It’s banned the Uber app… and blocked credit card companies from processing Uber payments.

The government is waging an all-out war…

That’s following protests by Argentine taxi unions that are upset with the ride-sharing company. The taxi unions see Uber as an existential threat to their state-sanctioned businesses.

So the government has proposed regulations to halt the company’s operations in the country.

But Uber has found an ingenious way around the government’s rules…

It’s abandoned the government-approved payment networks of Visa and MasterCard in favor of a technology many people have mistakenly written off as “worthless and stupid”…

It’s chosen to transact business in bitcoin.

Uber has partnered with a Swiss company to accept payments through a bitcoin debit card. Think about this… A month ago, Uber refused to accept bitcoin.

I can’t overstate how profound a shift this is…

I won’t blame you if you think bitcoin is just a fad. Why would you put your trust in a digital construct like bitcoin? On the surface, it seems like madness. It flies in the face of sensible wealth building.

[Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency—also referred to as a digital currency—is a private, portable, internet-based form of money.

Like any other medium of exchange, many people around the world have decided it is money. They believe they’ll be able to use digital currencies in the future to buy stuff. This utility gives it value.]

But consider this… Bitcoin is now 7 years old. That’s two years older than the internet bubble. It’s outlived the real estate bubble… the financial crisis… and is now worth $10 billion.

It’s up 38% this year alone. So far it’s outpaced the run-up in stocks, bonds, gold, and silver.

Has the whole world gone mad? Is this just a “hyper” bubble?

  We’re not in a “normal” world

I understand your reservations about cryptocurrencies like bitcoin…

In a “normal” world, I’d tell you bitcoin is dumb idea. In a “normal” world, bitcoin would be nothing more than a geek-centric curiosity.

But we do not live in a normal world anymore…

That’s why I’m writing to you today. I want to show you why cryptocurrencies belong in every investor’s diversified portfolio.

We can thank the relentless power grab by the world’s governments and central banks for making bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a viable financial product.

Let me explain…

As governments impose their will on the population (like Argentina is trying to do with Uber customers)… people will use digital currencies like bitcoin to win back their freedom of choice.

Whether it’s the loss of financial privacy through the War on Cash… the devaluation of paper money… capital controls in China and elsewhere… or government-sponsored payment bans… digital currencies like bitcoin are stepping in to bridge the gap between what the people want… and what governments will “let” them have.

That’s why bitcoin is up 38% this year. It meets a need that no other conventional asset can: freedom and anonymity.

As governments seek more and more control, they’re actually creating a bigger and bigger market for bitcoin and other digital currencies.

As we see governments trample citizens’ rights even further, it will be cryptocurrencies that step in to give us our freedom back.

I’ll leave you with this thought…
If you are a lover of personal freedom, then you owe it to yourself to get educated on how digital currencies can liberate you from the limitations, onerous fees, and stifling government regulation of our current payment systems.