Every 25 years or so, a new technology comes along that’s so disruptive, it completely shakes up the business world…

This new tech makes some people very rich… while at the same time destroys entire industries and eliminates millions of jobs.

Take the last technological shift, for example: the internet.

Amazon put booksellers like Borders, along with thousands of other brick-and-mortar stores, out of business…

But it’s also helped millions easily sell their products throughout the world. Of course, it’s been a life-changer for early investors, who’ve made 161,766% since 1997. That’s a big enough move to turn a $10,000 investment into about $16.2 million.

Netflix put Blockbuster and countless other video stores out of business and is currently threatening cable companies…

But it’s also improved the way TV and movies are made – while handing investors gains of 44,865% over the past 18 years. While not as impressive as Amazon, it still would’ve turned $10,000 into about $4.5 million.

And Apple’s iPhone disrupted the entire personal device industry. With one gadget, Apple eliminated the need for watches, cassette tapes, even laptop computers.

Since the iPhone’s introduction in 2007, Apple shares have delivered peak gains of 2,539%. Investors lucky enough to get in and stay in would’ve made $263,900 from a $10,000 investment.

Of course, it wasn’t just the internet…

From steam power and fossil fuels… to radio, TV, cars, refrigeration, the jet engine, personal computers, cell phones, digital photos, and email… every time, the emergence of a radical, new technology causes a massive shift in wealth.

And the technology I want to tell you about today is no different. Except it’ll be much more disruptive than anything we’ve seen before.

The Next Tech Breakthrough

Chances are, you’ve heard of “blockchain.” Regular readers know it’s the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

I’ve been pounding the table on blockchain tech since April 2016… when I recommended bitcoin around $400 and ether at $9. Since then, bitcoin has run as high as $20,000, and ether as high as over $1,400.

Every $500 in ether at that time would’ve turned into as much as $79,604. A $1,000 investment would’ve become worth as much as $159,208.

Had you been intrepid enough to put $10,000 each into bitcoin and ether, you would’ve seen your gains max out at about $535,000 and $1.6 million, respectively.

Gains like that – and many more – have turned many of my subscribers into millionaires. And I’m proud of that…

But there’s more to blockchain than just crypto.

That’s because, at its core, blockchain is really just a very secure way to store information. I believe it’s the safest way to store information that’s ever been devised.

For instance, the blockchain behind the bitcoin network uses advanced cryptography married with a unique way of verifying information that, so far, has made it unhackable.

Being able to store, retrieve, send, and verify data in a low-cost, highly secure way is of paramount importance in today’s digital age. And that’s why blockchain technology is exploding.

Here are just a few ways blockchain is being used today:

  • To help modernize the $200 trillion-plus real estate industry.

  • To combat the $1.8 trillion in counterfeit goods sold per year.

  • To improve the electoral voting system – making illegal votes a thing of the past.

  • To help greatly reduce health care costs.

Blue-chip companies like Walmart, Visa, IBM, Citigroup, and UPS are adopting blockchain tech to track their supply chains and facilitate cross-border transactions.

Government agencies like the U.S. Defense Department, Secret Service, and NASA are working with blockchain for national security and space exploration.

And even billionaire hedge fund managers like Paul Tudor Jones, Mike Novogratz, and Mark Yusko have allocated a portion of their capital to bitcoin.

As you can see, blockchain touches – and will impact – practically every aspect of our lives. But as with every disruptive technology story… there are two sides to the tale.

A Fork in the Road

Here’s the ugly truth of every technological leap forward…

All technology breakthroughs eliminate jobs… even entire industries. That includes your job and maybe your business. Blockchain will be no different.

But it also may help you figure out a brand-new way to make money. And it could certainly make you very rich as an investor.

You see, for the first time in history… we have an asset that allows you to directly profit from a technological shift: cryptocurrencies.

And I believe cryptos will capture a large part of the market. And ultimately transfer trillions of dollars in wealth into the hands of those who set themselves up now.

That’s what’s so revolutionary about blockchain. Investors can take a stake directly in the technology in a way they never could during the internet boom… Making this boom unprecedented in its scope.

Friends, right now, you stand at a fork in the road.

Either you’ll come out on the right side of this shift, growing wealthier than you’ve ever dreamed… or you’ll get caught on the wrong side and get left behind with millions of others.

Those who recognize blockchain is the future will take small grubstakes in cryptos like bitcoin and ether… and potentially see them turn into life-changing gains.

Those who don’t will miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… and live a lifetime of regret.

Which road will you take?

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. I believe blockchain is an unstoppable trend that could potentially create 818,236 new millionaires over the next three years… Those who get left behind could slide into poverty…

I know this is a stark – some may even say “scary” – prediction. So I put together an urgent briefing to explain it all.

You can watch it right here.