This past week in the Daily, we touched on some of the biggest investment ideas this year: cryptos, legal marijuana, and Income Extermination. Whether you’re speculating on these brand-new markets, or finding ways to preserve your retirement income, we had you covered with this week’s research…

Teeka Tiwari: This Chart Proves Cryptos Will Go Even Higher
In the 1980s, one smart hedge fund manager followed a secret path that led him and his investors to a motherlode of wealth. Today, that same pattern is playing out in the crypto market

This Big Announcement Is Wildly Bullish for Cryptos
Huge news for crypto regulation just broke… One of the biggest financial institutions in the world just applied for a bitcoin ETF. And unlike the applications that came before it, this one has three good reasons why it’s likely to pass

Avoid This “Dangerous Cocktail” of Assets
According to the Bond King himself, Jeffrey Gundlach, U.S. Treasuries are on a “suicide mission”… Bondholders are about to get smoked. But there are steps you can take today to keep your retirement income rolling in

How Trump Ends the Opioid Crisis
In 2001, the small European country, Portugal, made a radical change to its war on drugs… and it worked. Now, President Trump might do something similar, and accelerate an already fast-growing market

Why a Group of Gold Bugs Couldn’t Stop Talking About Bitcoin
I was in a room packed full of gold bugs on the first day of the fifth annual Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver. But the conversation had shifted


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily


President Trump campaigned on a promise of delivering a historic infrastructure program to the U.S. Most people are expecting new roads… bridges… and canals.

But according to leaked White House documents, America’s coming infrastructure boom could be something else entirely… Learn all about the leak right here, before it’s taken offline.

Our Best-Selling Research

How to Make a Killing on the “New TV”
What if you could make money every time your kid plays a video game? A "video game" upgrade is on the way – a mix of real-life action and on-screen play. Early backers of similar technology enjoyed rises of 8,900%… 17,000%… even 62,000%… To learn more about the story behind this rising tech, click here.

Controversial Video Exposes 15 year-old Hedge Fund “Secret”
In this unusual 2-minute video, I discuss a simple, yet overlooked money “secret” that can help you pocket quick cash every single time.

It’s helped me generate fast cash every day for the last 15 years and could be your first step to capturing a retirement fortune this summer.

You don’t need a fancy education. And you don’t need a lot of time. 

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China’s Huge New Factory Could Spark the Biggest Metal Price Spike in Modern History
As soon as August 16, China is proudly opening the largest factory in world history. Its sole purpose is producing one specific device – the same device set to power the 21st century. It requires an enormous amount of raw materials—as much as 1,073x the world’s current stockpile—every single year.

The companies who supply these materials to China are about to be in high demand—in fact, one small company could have its entire deposit bought out, shooting its $1 stock through the roof.

For all the details on this time-sensitive opportunity, click here.