Rising interest rates and increased volatility are two big trends we covered this week in the Daily. Both pose risks to investors… But they also present money-making opportunities. If you want to side-step Income Extermination (rising rates) and profit from wild swings in the market (volatility), read on…

Why Half of the Country’s Banks Could Disappear
There are now 65% fewer banks than there were in the 1980s. With financial regulations decreasing, banks will spend less money on compliance and become more profitable. As a result, they’ll have more cash to buy other banks

How to Make Cash From Cryptos
Cryptocurrencies are making investors life-changing gains. They’re volatile and many people still don’t understand them, but there’s a safer way to make money off cryptos

Income Extermination Has Arrived… Here’s What to Buy (and Avoid)
Rising interest rates will decimate bonds and “bond replacements.” That’s why you should rid your portfolio of them today. But certain stocks will soar… Here’s what you should look for

Now Is the Time to Cash in on Market Fear
Most investors fear volatility. And it’s true that volatile markets are riskier. But experienced traders know that volatility can also provide more frequent and bigger opportunities to profit

How to Reduce Your Trading Risk With Options
Many investors use options to increase leverage… to get more “bang for their buck.” But that’s the exact opposite of what options were designed for


Nick Rokke, CFA
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily


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