My full name is Nilus Lawrence Mattive III, so you’d be right to think I was born into wealth…

But nothing could be further from the truth.

My dad was the first (and only) person who went to college on either side of our family.

He worked in the human resources department at a state mental health facility and had a second job at the local YMCA just to pay for our yearly vacation to the Jersey shore.

Now, here I am, writing to you from an oceanview house in Santa Barbara that’s worth more than the entire block where I grew up.

So how did I get from a run-of-the-mill childhood in a Pennsylvania coal-mining town to the life I always wanted in one of the country’s wealthiest areas?

I think it comes down to two simple things:

First, accumulating as much knowledge as I could.

But more importantly, I put that new information to use.

Today, I’ll share how I put those two steps into action. And how you can follow them to capture at least a decade’s worth of S&P 500 gains in the next 90 days.

Low-Risk, Double-Digit Returns

I first started learning about money when I was very young – collecting coins, piling up cash in my dresser drawer, and looking at stock market quotes in our local newspaper.

And the more knowledge I gained, the more confident I was about taking another step forward. That’s why I asked my parents to help me open a brokerage account when I was still in grade school.

Despite zero experience of their own, they allowed me to take several hundred dollars from my savings and put it into the market.

I searched under “stockbroker” in the yellow pages and made a few phone calls. When I found someone who took me seriously, my dad stepped in to help me set up the account.

Since personal computers were becoming all the rage, I decided to buy five shares of IBM. I didn’t make a killing, but it was a great first experience.

Later, I ended up buying some Disney stock that performed very nicely, and I continued to add more money into my account whenever I could.

By the time I was in college, I was actively trading between classes.

And after I graduated, I used my real-world experience to land a job writing investment research in Manhattan’s financial district.

I started my career just as the tech wreck was playing out, and I was in the World Trade Center when the first plane hit.

Those events showed me how quickly the entire landscape could change… And how suddenly new risks can appear.

Fortunately, I was also lucky enough to work with some terrific mentors – older guys who had already been around the markets for many decades.

They were all about income investments like dividend stocks. They lived within their means. They took calculated risks. They reinforced the values I already had, and I took their lessons to heart.

So, although I was enjoying my life in New York, I wasn’t spending money like most younger people on Wall Street. I always saved for a rainy day and put that money into very conservative investments.

Meanwhile, I was also watching plenty of very rich people commute into the city every single day even though they didn’t need any more money.

They’d leave their houses before the sun came up and barely get home in time to kiss the kids goodnight.

It just didn’t make any sense to me. It wasn’t my definition of true wealth at all.

In 2006, my wife and I left Manhattan for good. We moved to the beach. And the next year, we had our daughter.

Since then, I’ve made my money by investing and showing other people how to do the same.

By 2010, everything had come full circle, and I was finally able to start paying my parents back for all the support they had given me growing up.

I took $100,000 of my father’s retirement savings and started helping him invest it for maximum safety and growth.

This was right after the biggest financial collapse since the Great Depression, so I shared our journey with tens of thousands of my subscribers so they could benefit as well.

Our key strategy was selling options – the very same one we use in our paid Alpha Edge service.

That’s for a simple reason: It is the absolute best income-generating approach I’ve ever seen.

In fact, dad’s portfolio has been averaging double-digit gains ever since – with less risk than if he was simply buying and holding stocks alone.

So, if my story proves anything, it’s that learning all you can is the first part of the battle for a better life.

But you can’t stop there. You have to put your knowledge into action.

It’s fine to start small. The key is just getting involved. Because the only way to really understand something is by doing it.

It’s Time You Put Our Expertise to Use

My expertise and experience are why PBRG guru and Daily editor Teeka Tiwari asked me to help run his exclusive Alpha Edge service.

But it’s more than just that… You see, like me, Teeka also came from humble beginnings…

You probably already know his story – how he grew up in a foster home… came to the U.S. from England with $150 in his pockets and the shirt on his back… and climbed the corporate ladder to become the youngest executive in his Wall Street firm’s history.

But despite our successes, neither Teeka nor I have forgotten our roots. We understand how hard it is for ordinary people to achieve their financial goals – especially in today’s uncertain economic environment.

And while Wall Streeters tell folks like my dad that it takes many years to achieve your financial goals… they’ve been using a different strategy to pull forward 20 years’ worth of S&P 500 profits in about 90 days.

It involves rare events Teeka calls “Anomaly Windows.” When we see them, things that shouldn’t normally happen in the market… happen.

Like “boring” blue-chip stocks returning crypto-like gains.

For example, during past Anomaly Windows, blue chips like Target, CVS, and Jeffries Group delivered gains of 183%, 422%, and 612%, respectively. (Those are actual subscriber returns.)

That’s why last night, Teeka pulled back the curtain on one of the biggest Anomaly Windows in his financial career.

In front of thousands of online attendees, he explained how this Anomaly Window has been nearly 30 years in the making… and even gave away a list of stocks and tickers to play it – Absolutely free.

This is the kind of knowledge that I would have jumped on as a kid… the kind of stuff Wall Street keeps to itself while you collect a measly 9% or 10% annually from the S&P 500.

So, for a limited time, our publisher is allowing us to post a replay of the event right here. (It’s still free to watch, but it won’t be online for long.)

It’s your chance to put the knowledge Teeka and I have accumulated into action…

And a rare shot at collecting two decades of S&P 500 returns in just 90 days.

Best Wishes,

Nilus Mattive signature

Nilus Mattive
Analyst, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. Even if you have absolutely no familiarity with options, I know you’re going to pick things up very quickly.

That’s because Teeka and I have put together a training course for everyday investors. One you’ll be able to access immediately as an Alpha Edge subscriber.

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