Earth Day and Acorns are back in today’s mailbag…

From R. A.: I live in India, and see diseases and death every day. It’s due to industrial effluents from factories. Children less than 10 years old are doing child labor and dying of disease from pollution.

Regarding the Earth Day video in the April 22 Daily: If not global warming, fossil fuels ARE doing a lot of other harm right now. I AM acknowledging the good they have done, but the bad effects are there for all to see. I think you guys should come here and see what real pollution is.

As for your newsletter, I don’t bother reading anyone’s posts except Mr. Mark Ford’s. Strangely, his advice is the only thing I can implement successfully.

From Dr. Jack E.: I must chime in on the scientific studies on climate change dialogue. The last comment by a physician indicated that it’s science that one should rely on… not personal agendas of propagandists.

He said: “Studies are done by independent scientists.” I would submit that in this day and age of corporatism, the independent scientist has gone the way of the dodo—at least when it comes to “medical science.” Medical science is mostly based on fraud and trickery.

Take vaccines. The origin of this concept is baseless and without merit. But because the all-powerful old money that controls pharmaceutical companies also controls the media, it controls almost all information. Thus, it can—and does—control what most people think. Meanwhile, brain damage from vaccines is off the charts! Shame on these “doctors” for poisoning our children!

From Debra W.: The Acorns app is a good idea. I wish my credit card company would do the same thing. However, like Roger in the May 13 Daily mailbag, I, too, was concerned about giving up so much account information to the app.

How would someone vet the app or company performing the service? More of that type of information would be useful. Thank you.

Reeves’ Comment: Debra, we wouldn’t have shared this item with the PBRG community if we thought the company appeared fraudulent or dangerous. But you’ll have to conduct your own market research to see if you’re comfortable trusting this company. As always, caveat emptor—let the buyer beware.

(Here’s one trick to increase security with the app: Open a separate checking account. Link it to the Acorns app, instead of your primary account. You can set up a “firewall” between the app and your larger account balances this way.)

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