From John D.: This is in regards to James Altucher’s 10 ways to get exercise doing everyday things. My tip to get me to stand up from my desk is… RAISE A LITTLE PUPPY.

Reeves’ Comment: Haha, great idea, John. Raising pets has more beneficial health effects than you might imagine. Pet ownership can help you enjoy everything from lower cholesterol to reduced depression.

From Randi S.: I’m reading the February 25 Palm Beach Daily mailbag. There was a question from Kenneth A. about accumulating gold.

Your recommendation to stick to 1-ounce coins was good for maximizing value. However, if you’d like to have “spendable money” on hand, that might make it worthwhile to have a few of the smaller coins on hand.

Additionally, EverBank will allow you to open an unallocated gold account (it’s in St. Louis, Missouri, and the unallocated account, I believe, has a slightly higher withdrawal fee) and make an auto deposit of at least $100 per month. This is invested immediately, so you are in essence dollar cost averaging without paying any more over the spot price.

Reeves’ Comment: Randi, thanks for sharing the tip with the PBRG community. Regular Daily readers know we’re fans of EverBank. Palm Beach Letter subscribers were even able to receive a higher interest rate savings account at EverBank just by mentioning their subscription.

From Brian M.: Just some thoughts on gold…

Let’s say I own cattle, you own gold, and you need food for your family. I will keep the cattle to feed (and clothe) my family; you can eat your gold. If we do exchange, inflation will pale by comparison to what you lost on the transaction.

Or let’s say you have a $1,200 gold coin. I have a $600 item you need. Will you cut the coin in half?

Want to buy a car today in the U.S. with one of those gold coins? Good luck finding a dealer who will honor retail value.

During World War II, many Jews hoped possession of gold and diamonds would preserve their lives; history shows a different outcome…

Buttons, thread, needles, zippers, preserved foods, and medication historically have more value than gold. Just a different perspective.

Reeves’ Comment: Thanks for your letter, Brian.

One question worth pondering:

Which is easier to take on a plane out of the country… a pocketful of gold coins, or ol’ Bessie?

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