From Patricia S.: I can’t wait to read my first Palm Beach Daily at 6 a.m. Thank you, Tom Dyson!

Reeves’ Comment: Welcome aboard, Patricia. The entire Daily crew is excited to help you become a little bit richer every day. Let us know how you’re doing and how we can help you achieve your wealth-building goals. Thanks for your note.

From Scotty J.: Why offer Infinity members the opportunity to see the investment opportunities in DealBook if we’re not allowed to invest in them? It seems like a tease.

These are the types of investments I’ve always wanted to access. Unfortunately, I’m not an accredited investor (nor am I likely to ever become one… unless circumstances in my financial world change dramatically).

I thought most PBRG members were here because we want to become financially well-off—not because we already are.

Reeves’ Comment: Scotty, you’re right. Most of the DealBook opportunities are for accredited investors… But not all of them.

For example, there’s one DealBook opportunity open to nonaccredited investors right now (and more are coming, too). Infinity subscribers can view the deal, right here.

Beyond this, a change to securities laws is in process. Many advisers expect these new regulations will lower the threshold for accredited investor status.

So, don’t lose heart… Your pool of private investment opportunities looks to expand—soon.

From Philip E. H.: Stop saying “Social Security sucks” on the Internet! It does NOT suck.

What sucks is this country’s rank in education… It’s 17th in the world. The U.S. is 37th in the world in health care. And our country’s treatment of war veterans is also the WORST in the world. Maybe you morons would like to spit on us, as you did in 1968.

Reeves’ Comment: I’m sorry, Philip, but there’s no doubt Social Security is insufficient to meet Americans’ full retirement needs. And for the record, this moron is a veteran, too… though I wasn’t around in ’68.