It’s no secret that we’ve been put through the wringer this year…

Whether it’s inflation hitting 40-year highs… stock and crypto prices plummeting…the U.S. economy entering a recession… or gas prices eating away at your wallet… It’s been a brutal year.

But the thing is… and I realize this is probably the last thing you want to hear right now… all the attention on those problems means everyone is missing a more serious crisis on the horizon.

It’s a problem I believe will be bigger than all those issues combined… and this crisis will affect EVERY American… regardless of how much money you make or where you live.

My intent is not to scare… but to prepare you. Past events like this have always brought opportunity to those prepared to act.

For example, during the dot-com crisis of the early 2000s, I told my clients to buy Apple… even as tech stocks were left for dead. Those who listened saw their investment soar by more than 56,000%.

And amid the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, I told anyone who would listen to buy Amazon shares… Those who did had the chance to make almost 50 times their money.

Friends, we have a similar opportunity before us today… And this one could give you a chance to make 42 times your money.

Preparing for What’s to Come

My team and I have identified an incredible opportunity in this crisis that could give you the chance to come out of this year better than when you entered it.

Multiple billionaires and venture capitalists (VCs) are already preparing to profit from it.

  • Bill Gates has invested more than $690 million…

  • Jeff Bezos has spent $1.4 billion…

  • And other VCs have poured $52 billion into this trend.

But unlike the Financial Crisis or the Apple trade I mentioned above… this isn’t about undervalued stocks or investor panic.

We’ve found a company that’s developed a real solution to address the coming crisis.

This company is still private, but it’s not off-limits to everyday investors… (You can get in on the ground floor at 37 cents per share.)

And we predict it could give you the chance to make you as much as 42 times your investment. That means a $1,000 investment could become as much as $43,000…

But here’s the thing: This is the smallest deal we’ve ever recommended. It could fill up in a matter of hours… not days.

So when the time comes, you must be prepared to act.

Countdown to Catastrophe

To help readers understand the coming crisis, I’m holding a free event called Countdown to Catastrophe this Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.

During this briefing, I’ll share all the details of this coming crisis… how this private company plans to address it… and how you can profit from its success.

You’ll even get a special report with my entire blueprint for this crisis – including a free recommendation – just for watching my event.

This report is absolutely free and has all the steps you need to take to protect yourself.

And because this crisis will affect so many Americans, I will donate $1 for every unique person who attends the event – up to $50,000 to a charity that is positioned to help American families that will be impacted by this crisis.

This is my own personal money. It doesn’t come from my publisher, Palm Beach Research Group, or any other entity.

This charity is doing an outstanding job helping Americans facing this crisis… And I am more than happy to write a personal check for $50,000 to support it…

That’s $1 donated for every unique event attendee.

All you have to do is click here to reserve your spot… and then show up for my Countdown to Catastrophe event Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET.

Until then I want you to always remember…

Let the Game Come to You!

Big T