“Every major indicator I look at on the economic health of the U.S. is bullish…”

Jump Point Trader (JPT) Editor Teeka Tiwari just sent out a powerful market update to his subscribers. As volatility roils the markets, you can’t afford to miss this five-minute video.

In it, Teeka explains how to separate facts from fear-soaked headlines. And the facts show the U.S. economy is stronger than most people can believe.

He also:

  • Addresses the Fed’s “botched” interest rate decision
  • Discusses the impending government shutdown debate in Washington
  • Shares the indicators he uses to judge real U.S. economic health.

Bottom line: The volatility is not over. Uncertainty will drive plenty of negative headlines and scary market moves over the next few weeks. Remain calm.

The underlying economy is stronger than most folks realize… And this is bullish for stocks. If and when markets retest their August lows, buy into that weakness.