If you want to grow your portfolio and build your retirement nest egg, paying attention to what the market’s saying is important. And right now, it’s signaling plenty of opportunities in key sectors that will benefit from the political gridlock in Washington.

Looking for another way to outperform the market? Try companies that are shareholder-friendly and ones that achieve three criteria on their earnings statements. You can get all of that—plus a curious story about red honey bees—below…

Wall Street Insider on Red Honey Bees, Shirley Temples, and Illegal Pot
A curious case involving hives of red honey bees, a criminal plot, and a suicide once had New Yorkers intrigued. And there’s a lot that traders can learn from it, too

Bernie Sanders’ Latest Socialist Plan Will Soak Investors
One of the latest plans out of Washington won’t achieve wealth equality for Americans. What’s worse is that it could actually prevent companies from returning money to shareholders

How to Profit From a Divided Washington
The chasm between the left and right in politics will only continue to grow. Although there’s nothing we can do about that, it presents us with several investment opportunities

These Three Companies Just Hit the Earnings Trifecta
Certain companies will outperform the market over the next quarter based on their earnings statements. And these three firms are standouts from last quarter

Why My Two Favorite Clients Fired Me
Traders who rush to get into a trade simply because it’s the hot idea of the moment are making a mistake. Here’s how to avoid being one of them


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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