Everyone wants to beat the market. On Wall Street, it’s called “seeking Alpha.” But it’s not that easy… which is why you turn to us. And this week, we showed you several asymmetric plays with the potential to return outsized gains.

Regular readers know cryptos are one of our ways to turn small stakes into potentially life-changing gains. But we also sniffed out a couple of crisis opportunities that could return triple digits. And in between, we revisited our trade war thesis.

All that—and more—below…

Teeka Tiwari on How to Gain the “Alpha Edge”
Investing pros often talk about “seeking Alpha.” That means choosing individual investments that they hope will beat market averages. Here’s how to get the “Alpha Edge”

I Showed My Dad (and His Friends) How to Buy Bitcoin
Fewer than 10% of Americans own crypto assets. That’s a money-making opportunity for us… Because those who get in now will see explosive gains as crypto adoption increases among the masses

Two Steps to Take If the Trade War Drags On
At the Daily, we think the trade war is mostly hype. But all good investors should have a contingency plan. So we asked ourselves, “What would we do if the trade war continues?” Here’s our answer

This Country Is in Political Crisis—Buy It Now
We’re always looking for money-making opportunities—whether at home or abroad. When we find value, we pounce. And we’re sniffing out a profitable opportunity in a country wracked by political turmoil

How to Profit From America’s Unseen Infrastructure Crisis
There’s an unseen crisis facing America. But steps are being taken to correct it… Here’s how it could make early investors rich


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Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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Protestors Target Retirees?
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Man Who Made Millions Predicting the 2007 Housing Crash Places Next Big Bet
The hedge fund manager who made MILLIONS predicting the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis TWO YEARS IN ADVANCE has now made his next big bet.

In short: This Wall Street genius has closed his global $900 million fund and is now going all in on one tech breakthrough. Click here and I’ll reveal what’s going on in full.