Sometimes, a $1.4 billion fine is just the price of doing business.

For most companies, it’d be a death blow. But for Wall Street bankers, it’s barely a slap on the wrist.

Let me explain…

After decades of bad behavior, Wall Street’s misconduct truly got out of hand during the dot-com bubble in the late 1990s. It was so bad, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) launched one of the biggest investigations in its history.

In 2003, the SEC hit Wall Street and 10 of its biggest bankers with a $1.4 billion fine.

In one example, analysts from Credit Suisse published false reports on Digital Impact, an early dot-com marketing company. Undisclosed to the public, bankers at Credit Suisse held a stake in the company.

Likely, millions of dollars flowed into Digital Impact’s stock thanks to favorable ratings. All the while boosting the value of Credit Suisse’s stake in the company.

In 2000, the 10 firms charged had made over $213 billion… That’s in just one year.

Put together the decades of unchecked abuse, and the $1.4 billion “fine” becomes meaningless in comparison.

But all of that is old news now.

The reason I’m writing to you today is because Wall Street is yet again up to its old tricks of feeding off the savings of America…

My Disturbing Discovery

At the beginning of the second quarter of this year, I noticed a string of strange anomalies in my trading data.

Data that had been working for years suddenly went “wonky.” Trades built on sound methods and data started failing.

The trading action was so far off the norm, I knew there had to be a flaw somewhere in my data collection.

That’s when my team and I started a three-month journey to get to the bottom of what was happening to the data feeds my subscribers and I rely on.

It wasn’t easy. We’ve spent over $1 million researching it, including consulting with experts… buying massive data sets… and building algorithms from the ground up with a whole new data set.

Here’s what I found…

Big Wall Street firms, hedge fund managers, and big-money men of every ilk were making public statements that had the effect of changing the data we see on our charts.

At the same time, they were relying on a different way to “hide” their activity (much of which was opposite to their stated positions), that it never showed up in the charts you and I rely on.

These aren’t trades you’ll see on the New York Stock Exchange ticker tape. They don’t show up on volume charts. And you’ll never have the chance to get in on them.

In fact, our research suggests 40% of all trading will never show up on the public charts.

No wonder my performance was lagging. The good news is, once I factored this data in, our trading results improved dramatically.

Just to be clear, what Wall Street is doing is completely legal. But it’s still deeply disturbing.

It tarnished the reputation of one of my heroes… and revealed how Wall Street is making out with billions in profits.

On Thursday, June 25, at 8 p.m. ET, I’ll reveal exactly how Wall Street is secretly getting away with billions of dollars in profits by misleading the public.

More importantly, I’ll show you how you can use this data for yourself. So don’t get mad… get even, by joining me next Thursday.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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