President Trump is gearing up for a war with China… Facebook is facing a gigantic scandal… World governments are cracking down on cryptocurrencies… These types of headlines scare most investors. But not longtime Daily readers. You know we look behind the headlines to find profitable opportunities… and we had our hands full this past week…

What to Do With Your Money When Doom Awaits
For most investors, expectations are high when the market is high, and low when the market is low. If you hope to come out of this market with your wealth intact… you should take the opposite view

The Market Just Had Its Worst Week in Two Years—Here’s What to Do
We don’t spend too much time getting into why the market is falling. It’s more constructive to look forward and figure out what the best investment will be. But we have an emerging theme playing out… one that’s making Wall Street nervous

How to Start Earning Like a Venture Capital Firm
Recently, a South African firm made a 60,000% return on its investment in Chinese company Tencent. For decades, only the rich and well-connected have been able to make these types of gains from private start-ups. But today, the little guy has a chance to get in on the ground floor—at least for the time being

Crypto Insiders Plan to Profit From Regulations—You Should, Too
Many investors fear new regulations coming to the cryptocurrency market will stifle investment. But not us… The insiders we speak to believe regulations will be good for this growing space. In fact, the lack of regulations is the only thing keeping Big Money from pouring trillions of dollars into this market.

Why Facebook’s Privacy Scandal Is Your Moneymaking Opportunity
Facebook’s shares have crashed more than 20% in the wake of its widespread privacy scandal. Investors are panicking. Celebrities and Silicon Valley titans are deleting their Facebook pages. While the media smells blood in the water… we smell a moneymaking opportunity.


Nick Rokke, CFA
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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Reclusive Millionaire Refuses to Touch Cryptos or Penny Stocks – the Reason Why May Shock You
This millionaire rarely leaves his California mansion. If you could make 129%, 400%, and 1,007% in as few as 3 hours — without cryptos or penny stocks…

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IRS Warns: Your Identity “Already in the Hands of Criminals”
They know how much money you have… your wife’s name… your pet’s name… and the name of the street you grew up on. The crypto technology that will stop them could be 38x bigger than Bitcoin. And you don’t need a special account to buy it. Details here.

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