In February 2017, I recommended a small altcoin called NEO.

At the time, the crypto was down 77% from its high at less than 15 cents… and all during a period of extreme crypto skepticism.

There were countless stories in the media calling bitcoin “dead”… or a scam…

In fact, a few days after I recommended NEO, the Financial Times wrote: “The ultimate value for bitcoin will be the same as all pyramid schemes: zero.”

It’s fair to say sentiment around crypto was not good.

And yet, by late August 2017, NEO was up to $52… giving those who tuned out the mainstream media and followed my recommendation a gain of 40,000%.

But the story didn’t end there…

In early September, NEO had a pullback and fell to $22.

The same day as NEO’s low, I sent my subscribers a flash alert telling them that the dip was an overreaction to a piece of news about potential regulation.

Here’s what I wrote:

NEO dropped 39% on the news, and now sits 55% off its all-time high.

At first glance, this may seem like very bearish news for NEO. But it’s actually the opposite. If you missed NEO on our first recommendation, here is your second chance.

You can probably guess what happened next…

Those who bought on my recommendation got the chance to make 775% by the time NEO hit its all-time high of $192.35, just four months later.

That’s an incredible gain.

But those who got in during my first recommendation? They were sitting on gains of 151,000%… Enough to turn $1,000 into $1.5 million.

Of course, not every trade turns out like this – but it gives you an idea of the explosive profit potential you can see in depressed crypto assets.

And I’m seeing that same story play out in the current Crypto Winter…

There are A LOT of depressed crypto assets right now.

Bitcoin is down 75%… ETH is down even more… but regular readers know that I expect both to rise to new highs in the years ahead.

So that’s not where my focus is today…

I think we have an opportunity for another “NEO moment” in a special subset of cryptos… and I believe we’ll see the biggest gains as we rise into the next bull market.

A New Opportunity in Crypto…

The subset of cryptos I’m talking about is a key component of what’s called Web3, the next evolution of the internet.

Let me explain…

Web1 was the early iteration of the internet until about 2000. You could use it to read websites… search for information… and buy items on websites.

Web2 is the version you’re using now. It allows for things like mobile computing, social networks, and multiplayer games.

It also birthed the Big Data industry… machine learning… and search algorithms like you see on Google or Netflix.

With Web3, you won’t just be able to search for or send data to other people… You’ll also be able to send anything of value.

You can use Web3 to make a loan or borrow money… transfer real estate… or even trade fractions of the value of famous paintings with a click of the mouse…

And it’s blockchain technology that makes all this effortlessly possible.

At its simplest, the blockchain is an online ledger. And like any other ledger, it tracks transactions. But it has three main advantages over traditional internet networks.

First off, it’s decentralized. That means data isn’t stored in one place – it’s distributed. So blockchains are harder to hack than centralized databases, which keep data all in one place.

Second, it uses state-of-the-art encryption. So transactions are much safer.

Finally, it’s peer-to-peer. This allows individuals to transact with one another without an intermediary or middleman – lowering costs.

Because of those advantages, Emergen Research projects the Web3 industry will grow from $3.2 billion today to $81.5 billion by 2030. That’s an over 25-fold increase.

And the World Economic Forum forecasts the Web3 industry will eventually be worth $8.6 trillion.

By comparison, a study by the Internet Association estimated the current total value of Web2 at only $2 trillion.

From an investment standpoint, the major difference between Web2 and Web3 is you can actually own a piece of Web3 infrastructure… and that’s where the subset of cryptos comes into play.

Think of it this way…

During the Industrial Revolution, the public couldn’t directly invest in the infrastructure that increased the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), such as railroads, oil refineries, the electric grid, and our banking system.

The men who owned the infrastructure – Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and Edison – founded some of the most profitable and revolutionary companies in history. They also made a very select few early investors wildly rich.

A century later, history repeated itself with the modern internet.

Its transformative infrastructure and technology let users seamlessly send data anywhere in the world, which spawned what we know as Web2.

Those advances are analogs to the changes brought about by new technology during the Industrial Revolution and brought the largest tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google into the world.

As you probably know, early investors who grabbed shares of these companies made legendary fortunes.

That’s the opportunity before us today… you can own a piece of the future of the internet: The protocols that make up Web3.

That’s why I call it the “ownership economy”… because you can actually own – and profit from – Web3 infrastructure.

My Final Call

As you can see from the example above, timing matters. My first and second recommendations of NEO were only months apart… But the difference in gains was astronomical.

I make this point because, right now, I’m seeing many crypto assets depressed in a similar way that NEO was in early 2017.

But if you miss this window… even by a little bit… it could mean the difference between making enough to retire off one small trade…

Or simply having a good trade that’s not nearly as transformative…

Just like with NEO.

That’s why I recently held a special event called “Big T’s Final Call.”

During the event, I explained the next “NEO moment” I see happening in crypto, what I see playing out in the year ahead, and shared details on a massive move in crypto we’ve never seen before.

You can watch a free replay of the event right here for a limited time… But please, do not wait.

This will likely be the last bear market where we can turn small stakes into meaningful, life-changing returns… and there’s no time to waste.

Let the Game Come to You!

Big T