Whenever a revolutionary technology arrives, the doubters are never far behind…

It’s the same story every time: A new technology begins making waves. Before long, the naysayers come out of the woodwork… And they claim it will only be a fad.

But eventually, the technology begins seeing mass adoption… And those who got in early can make a windfall.

Crypto is no different. Today, we’ll show you a new way to generate income from this current crypto bull market.

The Next Generation of Royalties

“Tech Royalties” are one of the hottest opportunities in crypto. Yet few investors know of them… And even fewer understand their massive potential.

They give you access to the explosive upside of crypto… while allowing you to earn ongoing “royalty-like” payments.

Think of it this way…

A royalty investment is simply an asset you own that spins off a payment – called a royalty – that you get to collect.

Take music royalties, for example. If you owned a royalty on the music of Bob Dylan, whenever one of his songs gets played on the radio or somewhere else like Spotify, you would collect a royalty payment each and every time.

The beauty of royalties is all the work has been done. Royalties are all about collecting income on your royalty assets… forever.

That’s the opportunity before us with Tech Royalties. We can earn regular payments from certain cryptos, no matter whether the crypto market goes up or down, just for owning them.

Here’s an example: One Tech Royalty crypto has risen 4,358% since early 2020. That’s turned every $1,000 into $44,580.

But that’s just the beginning…

You would’ve collected a $2,265 payment on your $1,000 investment over the past year… just for buying and holding the crypto.

That’s possible because of the unique nature of Tech Royalties. Unlike a traditional royalty, which is usually paid out in cash, Tech Royalties pay out more of the underlying crypto.

And just like a musician makes more in royalties as their music gets more popular… The same is true for crypto Tech Royalties.

As more people use the crypto, it becomes more valuable… And that makes your royalty more valuable, too.

There’s no other opportunity like this in any other area of the market. Below, we’ll reveal our favorite Tech Royalty and how you can generate income from it.

The Simplest Way to Earn Income From Tech Royalties

The simplest way to earn income from Tech Royalties is to stake Ethereum (ETH) on Coinbase.

If you already own ETH in your Coinbase account, just follow the instructions on its website to start earning rewards immediately.

If you don’t already own ETH, you can buy it on Coinbase and then stake it right away.

To start earning rewards from your ETH is simple. Click the “More” section on Coinbase’s homepage, then click the “Earn” button.

Coinbase will show you all the digital assets you own that are eligible for staking. Select ETH, enter the amount you want to stake, and click “Stake now.”

That’s it…

Right now, Coinbase offers a 3.46% yield on ETH. That means every $1,000 worth of ETH staked would yield $34.60 in ETH rewards.

Remember, crypto rewards appreciate at the same rate as the tokens themselves. So as ETH rises during the bull market, so will your rewards.

It’s a win-win for crypto investors.

Palm Beach Research Group