This past week in the Daily, we showed you some of the biggest trends in the market today, and laid out specific ways to prepare and take advantage of what’s coming.

Read on to see the latest way to make money off Trump… how to set yourself up for the dollar’s upcoming test… and why a group of “safe” stocks is about to fall off a cliff.

The Dow Dropped 1,200 in a Day—And We Didn’t Break a Sweat
That’s because we have a plan… and stick to it. You just have to do this

Three Tips to Avoid Crypto Scams
Every Ponzi is built on a big promise of riches. It’s this promise that brings your guard down and makes you invest. Here’s how to avoid these scams

How to Profit From Trump’s New $4.4 Trillion Budget
We’re ready to profit off Trump once again. Specifically, with these sectors. All are set to soar in the months ahead as Trump’s new spending plan takes hold.

The Dollar Faces Its Most Important Test Since 2002
The dollar’s next move will have a serious effect on your wealth over the next year. As we show you here, we’ll be fully prepared to take advantage—no matter which way it goes.

A Stealth Bear Market Is Forming—Here’s How to Protect Yourself
There’s a lot of money to be made over the next couple years. But not every sector will thrive. In fact, one sector deemed “safe” by most analysts is about to plummet.


Nick Rokke, CFA
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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Tiny Company on the verge of a price breakout…
Tiny company has a rare technology that the U.S. military CANNOT do without.

A single memo signed by Donald Trump could thrust this tiny company into the spotlight after March 2018.

It could bolt for a potential 1,127% climb. But you can get in today for less than $3. Before the next price surge, I suggest you, grab the ticker and place an urgent order.

He’s on Pace to See 3,390% Total Winning Gains Per Year
The Night Trader is unlike anyone we’ve ever met… He’s in the top 1% (of the top 1%). He only works five minutes a day. He lives by his own rules, doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants. And now, he’s disclosing his coveted strategy for the first time ever. Pay close attention.

Congress Passes (AV-START) Act, Secures Future for Strange, American Car
Republicans and Democrats unanimously passed the AV-Start Act, which paves the way for carmakers to roll out an unusual piece of automotive technology. Within the next 2 years, we could see 10 million of these cars on the roads—a 49,000% increase from today.