Imagine you’re in an upscale Manhattan restaurant waiting to meet someone for dinner.

As you sit in your booth, you overhear two people speaking softly behind you. You realize that this meeting is between a very well-known hedge fund manager and his analyst.

The manager says he wants to take a $1 billion stake in a stock because its story was too compelling not to. The analyst rattles off some solid fundamentals and agrees with his boss. The manager says, “Great! Tomorrow, we get to work.”

Two days later, you notice that stock’s price surges on huge volume. Now you’re certain of what’s happening because you heard the manager and analyst talking about it.

You buy the stock immediately and watch it shoot up day after day on big volume. You sit back and enjoy the ride. A month later, the stock has rallied immensely, and you’ve made a killing.

Now, imagine if you could’ve acted before the hedge fund’s order was completed. What would you do if you knew when a massive trade was getting underway?

I know what I would do… I’d buy as much of that stock as I could!

But the odds of this chance encounter happening to you or me? Almost zero.

The truth is… this kind of behind-the-scenes deal happens all the time – just not within earshot at dinner.

In fact, Wall Street does its best to exploit Main Street using this kind of insider information…

Wall Street’s Dirty Secret

My name is Jason Bodner. I’m the editor of Brownstone Research’s Outlier Investor research service, where we uncover the small percentage of stocks that outperform all the rest.

For nearly 20 years, I had a front-row seat to all the action on Wall Street.

At the height of my career, I was the person making billion-dollar trades for my firm’s clients. If a trade was less than $5 million, I’d kick it to one of my juniors.

I was good at what I did.

But then I decided to step away from it all…

And one of the reasons I left Wall Street was seeing how unequal the current system is.

Regular investors depend on Wall Street to help them make the most of their money… delivering better returns than they’d get on their money elsewhere.

That’s especially true these days because interest rates are so low. If your bank is only offering a measly 0.6% on your “high-interest” savings account, that’s not a very attractive option. As a result, more people than ever have been turning to the stock market to get a worthwhile return…

And Wall Street is more than happy to have individuals pump money into the financial markets through their investments.

But it doesn’t have Main Street’s best interests at heart. Wall Street’s primary goal is simply to make more money for itself.

That’s why we see big investors appear on the morning news to tell you about the latest investment you should buy or sell… or what to think about where the market is headed.

We saw this near the beginning of the pandemic…

Back in March 2020, hedge fund manager and activist investor Bill Ackman delivered an emotional plea during an interview on CNBC.

He urged the White House to seal off the U.S. and claimed that “hell is coming,” saying that U.S. companies should stop their buyback programs as a result. He even said he believed hotel stocks like Hilton Worldwide could go to zero because of the virus.

Not surprisingly, the market dropped an additional 4% that day.

But what came to light after his interview gave his dire predictions a different color…

Within a few days of Ackman’s appearance on CNBC, his hedge fund announced it had made more than $2 billion by betting against the markets. And Ackman then added to his Hilton position using the money he’d earned.

Perhaps the timing was a coincidence… and maybe Ackman really was just concerned about protecting his father from becoming ill.

But from my experience… this is Wall Street’s standard playbook. Fund managers and venture capitalists are more than happy to manipulate investors to pump up their investments… or frighten the markets so they can buy up stocks at even better prices.

It’s not fair. And it’s why I decided to help regular investors turn the tables on this dynamic…

Finding the Big Money

Like I described at the beginning, there’s a key difference between when big institutions buy stock and when you or I buy stock.

When we want to buy, we open our brokerage account, click “Buy”, and move on with our day. The entire process takes a minute or two. But when big players want to buy 50 million shares, they do so over multiple days.

The first day, they’ll rush to grab a chunk of stock because they know they’ll move the price higher. They then try to “frontload” the orders in the beginning to get better prices.

When this type of buying begins, you can jump in while the “Big Money” continues buying for days, lifting the stock higher.

And that’s the opportunity I saw when I left Wall Street. Instead of making rich people richer, I could help regular investors spot when this institutional buying was taking place.

I made it my life’s work to understand, pick apart, and filter through “Big Money” trades on the best stocks. I spent many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars building and refining a system that could spot the kinds of moves I’d seen during my years as a broker.

And I know my system works… because now even multibillion-dollar money managers pay for these insights. They want to see what my market “X-ray vision” spots because it lets them get in ahead.

And since 2017, I’ve been using this information to help regular investors ramp up their gains. Instead of trying to guess where Wall Street is headed, now regular investors can see the “Big Money” actually making its moves… and profit from them.

That’s how subscribers to my research service, Outlier Investor, have reached open gains of as much as 247%… 358%… and 754% on recommendations in our portfolio right now.

That’s the value of having an insider on your side… instead of Wall Street’s.

And if any readers have been frustrated by seeing Wall Street eat up the biggest profits, then I have more good news…

Jeff Brown, the founder of Brownstone Research, has been digging into all of Wall Street’s shady dealings, too. And he believes there’s a way for investors to finally beat Wall Street at its own game using a stock market “glitch.” In fact, he says this opportunity is unprecedented…

His research shows that this glitch could have handed investors over 17,000 chances to double their money.

And he revealed all the details earlier this week at a special summit – including a Q&A to answer attendees’ burning questions.

If you missed this week’s event, you can watch a replay right here… but you’ll need to act soon. It won’t be online for much longer.

Talk soon,


Jason Bodner
Editor, Outlier Investor