Tom Dyson

From Tom Dyson, publisher, Palm Beach Research Group: Turbulent markets like this can feel unsettling. I want to stay extra close to our members at this time.

As I wrote in yesterday’s email to our Infinity subscribers, I’m trying something new all week long. I’ll be holding live video presentations every day.

With this live-streaming format, I can give you instant information or perspectives I believe you may find helpful.

So, every day at noon (ET) for the rest of this week, I’ll broadcast live video to Infinity subscribers.

In my broadcasts, I will:

  • Update you on the latest market developments
  • Discuss why we are currently seeing high volatility in the markets
  • Explain what you need to do to keep your investments safe and your wealth growing, including any adjustments we need to make in our PBRG portfolios.

If you’re unable to tune in to the live stream at noon, don’t worry; we’ll be sending out links to the video recordings. You can also access them in The Community, right here.

(Your feedback is invaluable. If you appreciate these updates, we’ll begin live broadcasts to our entire subscriber base. Please let us know what you think, right here.)