Friends, you are under attack…

Not by socialism, social unrest, or political instability. The game being played against you doesn’t care if you live in a blue state or a red state. Its goal is to annihilate your wealth and enrich a select few.

I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of my fellow Americans avoid this fate by bringing them ideas outside of the traditional financial system.

Friends, somewhere in the last 30 years, the traditional financial system lost its way from capitalism and wandered into “crony capitalism.”

Crony capitalism is when hedge funds can illegally sell 40% more shares of a company’s stock than what actually exists… just like they did with GameStop.

You and I can’t do that.

Crony capitalism is when those short sellers get their asses tanned by a group of smart kids on Reddit, run and cry that the system is in danger of breaking, and then get bailed out of their shorts by stopping small investors from buying those shorted stocks.

Crony capitalism is when the people who almost ended capitalism in 2008 get bailed out to the tune of more than $800 billion.

And even worse, crony capitalism is when the federal government spends money like a drunken sailor while the Federal Reserve drives interest rates to zero so the government can keep “extending and pretending.”

It’s this last offense that’s possibly the most dangerous to you. Driving interest rates to zero has crushed American retirees… American savers… and those folks who are just looking for a decent low-risk return.

What they don’t realize is that decent low-risk returns don’t exist anymore – and may never exist again within our lifetimes.

That’s why I’ve spent the last five years becoming an expert on the parallel financial system that’s developed outside of traditional finance.

In this system, everything is transparent. In this system, you can’t short 40% more shares than actually exist. In this system, no one can stop you from trading.

I’m of course talking about blockchain assets and the life-changing opportunities they offer when you get in early on the right investments.

There’s no one in the newsletter industry that has done more research into these assets than my team at Palm Beach Research Group.

We’ve changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of our readers by helping them understand, navigate, and invest in these assets early.

But as I’ve mentioned before, with bitcoin now at $50,000 and Ethereum near $2,000… it can feel like the life-changing gains once abundant in crypto are over.

For many high-profile cryptos, that’s true. They’ve had their breathtaking runs and are slowing down. But there’s a subsector of the crypto market that has yet to be discovered by the mainstream press and investors…

I am talking about a class of cryptos I call “Tech Royalties.”

A Simple Income-Making Idea

It’s a good bet the Fed will continue to flood the world with cheap money.

And since cheap money means you can’t get income from stocks and bonds anymore, hundreds of thousands of investors will be hunting for alternative sources of income.

That’s where Tech Royalties come in.

Tech Royalties are really easy to understand… If you know how a royalty works then you’ll know how Tech Royalties work.

Take a computer manufacturer, for example. It pays Microsoft a royalty for the right to use its operating system on the computers it makes.

And savvy executives and investors in the music industry collect on the royalties from legendary acts like the Beatles and Elton John.

Well, Tech Royalties are just like that, and then some. They pay you a cut of their underlying growth, and they’re paid out in more of the underlying asset.

More users equals more growth… and that equals bigger payouts. Simple, right?

Getting a Cut of Revenues

Imagine investing in Apple and getting a cut of every iPhone ever sold… Or investing in Tesla and getting a cut of every Model S it sells.

That’s what you get from Tech Royalty cryptos. It’s a brand-new method blockchain projects are using to drive the adoption of their technology… And it’s working like gangbusters.

Our average gain among Tech Royalties portfolio is 604%. And our annual royalties are averaging 10%.

But this is just the beginning. I expect we’ll make much more money than that.

It’s all because later this year, a massive event is going to spark a goldrush into Tech Royalties – one that will unleash an estimated 45 million new people into this subsector.

Just like I got readers into bitcoin and Ethereum early, I’m now helping you get into Tech Royalties before anyone else.

That’s why tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET, I’m holding a special Tech Royalty Summit to show you how these investments work, and why you must get into them before 45 million new buyers come stampeding in. (Don’t worry, I’ll explain exactly where all those new buyers are coming from and how to get in before they do.)

The summit is free to attend, and I’ll reveal to you my No.1 long-term Tech Royalty play just for showing up. And as you might already know, my free picks have been sensational – with average peak gains of 883%.

If you want to outpace inflation and retire comfortably, you can’t rely on traditional income-producing assets anymore. You must think outside the box.

So please join me tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET… and let me show you an entirely new way to generate life-changing wealth outside the rigged, traditional stock market.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily