WEALTH STEALER—Internet service providers Comcast and Time Warner Cable just hiked their modem lease fees as much as 33%. Most people don’t realize they lease a modem from their ISP. Buying your own modem will now pay for itself in about one year.

SMART SHOPPER—Business Insider just released this month-by-month guide to itemized shopping deals. For example, if you’re in the market for winter clothes, furniture, or jewelry, January is your month to buy.

WILD EATER—Health and nutrition author Jo Robinson created this comprehensive guide to U.S. and Canadian grass-fed meat and dairy products. Grass-fed animals contain vitamins, minerals, and other health benefits corn-fed animals lack. Use the map to find the closest pasture-based farms/markets to you.

LUCKY TRAVELER—The relative strength of the U.S. dollar over almost every other currency means deals abound for U.S. tourists going overseas. MarketWatch just published this list of 10 countries where vacations haven’t been this cheap in years.