GREED—As we noted in yesterday’s Daily, bullish sentiment is surging. Investors just kicked CNNMoney’s sentiment readings into the “greed zone.” Remember the warnings of super-investor Warren Buffett: Be fearful when others are greedy (and greedy when others are fearful).

RED BACK—China just inked an agreement with Los Angeles to establish its first yuan clearinghouse bank on U.S. soil. The yuan is China’s currency (with a distinctive red back). The bank will facilitate trade in yuan over U.S. dollars. The Chinese completed just 1% of trade in yuan in 2009. In the first nine months of 2014, that number has jumped to 15%. Waning demand for U.S. dollars worldwide will mean higher prices for Americans over time. We’ll show you how to hedge against this as it happens.

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SIX SECONDS—Potential employers look at resumes only for about six seconds. The one-minute clip below shows what areas to emphasize to ensure your resume gets a second look.