Is the Palm Beach Letter any goodFrom Marvin Schulz, staff writer, Palm Beach Research Group: I assume you just found out about The Palm Beach Letter. And now you’re doing your due diligence to answer your burning question: Is The Palm Beach Letter any good?

Two years ago, I asked myself the same question.

Below, you’ll find my detailed report after working for the publication for almost 16 months. It will help you make up your mind.

The outdated money paradigm and its gatekeepers

I studied finance and marketing in China, Mexico, and Germany for almost seven years. I worked for KPMG—the world’s leading financial auditing company—on Wall Street. I interned with a niche consulting firm advising private banks in Germany.

I thought I knew a thing or two about finance.

It turned out I was wrong. Here’s why:

I was good at following mainstream ideas. I performed well within a given system… but that system was outdated and benefited only a handful of people and institutions.

I call them “the gatekeepers.”

Amongst them are investment banks, Wall Street, financial advisers, insurance companies, major corporations, and, of course, the government.

They always won the money game.

I’ve learned an important two-step lesson about finance over the years… a lesson I didn’t learn in school, college, or any of my finance-related jobs:

1. To grow rich as an individual, you must dehypnotize yourself from what you’ve been told for years.

2. After that, you need to fill your mind with alternative ideas on creating and maintaining wealth.

The fact that you’re reading this shows me you’ve completed step one. You’re fed up with the little white lies you’re told every day about money and wealth. Deep down, you know you won’t get rich by playing the money game society suggests.

And that’s where The Palm Beach Letter comes in…

Alternative financial ideas for the true individual

I met Tom Dyson, founder of The Palm Beach Letter, about two years ago.

Tom worked as an accountant for two of the world’s largest financial institutions in London, Salomon Brothers and Citigroup.

Every day, he saw firsthand whose interest banks have at heart: their own.

He too got fed up. And he decided to do something about it.

He made it his mission to expose the truth. The truth about how the rich get richer and consumers are played by financial gatekeepers. He wanted to show people how to build lasting wealth outside of the current system.

After years of preparation—collecting battle scars in the publishing industry and reinventing his network of friends along the way—he and Mark Ford started The Palm Beach Letter. In less than a year of publication, they raked in over 1,000 rave reviews by real readers.

“I have learned more about investing from your newsletter than any of the others I have subscribed to in the last 30 years.”
—Dr. Deepak C

“Thank you for the insightful and honest guidance you have provided. I have only been a subscriber for 8 months, and my portfolio is up 78%.”
—Linda M.

“I have made more on the ideas in The Palm Beach Letter, and worry less about them, than any of the other newsletters I subscribe to.”
—Dr. Chris B.

Their writing helped thousands of people reclaim their financial sovereignty, grow their nest eggs, and educate their children about money.

Every issue is filled to the brim with practical wealth-building ideas the mainstream press will never tell you about. PBL is tailored to the individual and 100% funded by its readers—about 58,000 in over 190 countries.

But The Palm Beach Letter isn’t for everyone. The ideas presented may go against what you’ve been told all your life. And, frankly, that might piss you off.

To see whether The Palm Beach Letter is right for you, I suggest you test it out.

You can start by clicking right here and learning about the secret “702(j) Retirement Plan,” a strategy used by Ronald Reagan to build safe retirement income.

Also, all our subscriptions come with a money-back guarantee. We always give you enough time to read what we send you, implement the ideas, and review the results before making any decisions about the product.

If you’re not happy with what we write, we’ll refund you. Simple as that.

P.S. Since first encountering The Palm Beach Letter, my financial situation has improved beyond what I thought possible. I’m writing this article from Peru, overlooking the buzzing main square in Cuzco. Like I said, it’s all about alternative ideas.

P.P.S. If you want Tom Dyson’s latest book for only $4.95—and the chance to learn about the safest place in America to store your money today—click here.