On Monday, Teeka told you why he believes bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have essentially replaced gold as the de facto way to protect your wealth against inflation and unprecedented government money-printing. (You can read the issue right here.)

That announcement was the direct result of a phone call that I had with him earlier this month.

During that call, I had to make a shocking confession…

I knew all about bitcoin when it was trading far below $500 but figured it was a pipe dream…

I had briefly thought about buying in when it hit $5,000 but decided it was probably just a fad…

And here it was past $50,000 and I still hadn’t put one red cent of my own money into it.

Teeka didn’t laugh. He didn’t gloat. And he didn’t shame me.

Instead, he made me a crazy offer. One that has already earned me 15% double-digit returns in less than a month.

More on that in a minute. First…

Why I Did Nothing as Bitcoin Went Up 10,000%

I grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania, surrounded by tragic stories of loss.

As a young boy, I spent many nights in my grandparents’ small apartment… watching my grandfather chew tobacco and staring at the missing big toe on his bare foot.

He had dropped out of school and gone to work in the coal mines. The deformity was a reminder of his time spent down there.

Meanwhile, my grandmother would tell me about the historic flood that washed away everything they owned or how my grandfather had never gotten his share of the family farm.

Every once and a while, she would go into her bedroom and come back with a silver Morgan dollar. She’d hand it to me as she talked about the Great Depression and her mistrust of the banks.

The point was crystal clear: Precious metals were the one thing you could always count on.

Today, I live in Santa Barbara – about at as far away as you can get from Northeastern Pennsylvania without leaving the United States… geographically, economically, and culturally.

But I still have those silver dollars as well as gold coins and other similar investments.

Which is why I was the perfect person to talk to Teeka about the “gold versus bitcoin” debate.

We spent the next hour going back and forth on all the different reasons that Teeka’s thesis might be wrong. But in the end, he changed my view. Here’s how he did it…

How Teeka Convinced Me to Buy Bitcoin

My first point was this: Gold had a much longer history as a store of value than either paper money or digital assets.

On the surface, this was a reassuring fact.

But, Teeka argued, there have been other times in history when real technological shifts have upended millennia-old ways of doing things.

Just as one example: The motorcar replacing the horse.

Could it be the same idea with bitcoin versus gold?

There was no definitive reason it wasn’t. Every sign pointed to far greater faith in bitcoin than gold, at least right now… and especially with younger investors.

OK, but then came my next argument: There was always the chance of some event that unraveled the collective faith in cryptos – something like a big market manipulation scandal.

Teeka said that was highly unlikely at this point in bitcoin’s adoption curve, with widespread ownership… many international exchanges… and even old-line financial companies like the Bank of New York Mellon getting involved.

Besides, wasn’t every financial market subject to some type of manipulation? At least at certain times in history?

I couldn’t disagree.

We’ve certainly seen massive manipulation in the precious metals before – including the Hunt brothers’ famous attempt at cornering the silver market back in 1980.

Finally, I decided to pull out the big guns: Suggesting the possibility of a U.S. government crackdown on digital currencies.

After all, we’ve heard plenty of high-ranking folks in Washington grumbling about their loss of control related to the rise of bitcoin and other cryptos.

As I reminded Teeka, there was a day back in 1933 when the government completely outlawed individual ownership of gold… and that law stayed on the books for more than 40 years.

Given the government’s technological reach, it could probably shut down bitcoin if it wanted to. Heck, it might be easier to do than going around to every person’s house and searching for their gold.

Teeka was quiet for a minute.

I was sure I had him.

His response went something like this…

Nilus, China already tried that several times. And they basically failed. The exchanges just moved elsewhere. If a major centrally planned economy wasn’t able to ban bitcoin, why should we think the United States can or will?

Washington’s chance at doing so was a long time ago. At this point, adoption is simply too widespread. So even if politicians were able to do it, the cost to our economy would simply be too great at this point.

I wanted to run to the safe and get a couple of those old Morgan dollars just to feel them in my hand…

“Logically, everything you’re saying makes sense, Teeka. And I don’t have any more real arguments for the other side. I just have this feeling that it would be a mistake to abandon precious metals entirely.”

“That’s fine, Nilus,” Teeka replied. “But it’s superstition.”

Confession of a 43-Year-Old Crypto Virgin

This is the point in the conversation where I told Teeka that I hadn’t ever taken a personal position in cryptos at all… even though there plenty of reasons why bitcoin could very well go on to $500,000 or more.

Teeka said I should just get involved in some small way. That I’d surely spent money on dumber things than buying a little bitcoin. 

He could tell I was still hemming and hawing, so he made me an offer: If I put $5,000 into bitcoin by midnight, he’d buy it back from me for the same price at any point in the future… even if it was far below my entry.

Initially, I thought he was joking. And my pride had me brushing him off for several minutes.

Then I realized only an idiot wouldn’t take him up on the deal. It was a lot like my grandmother handing me those silver dollars.

The point was just setting someone on a path and getting them started. So after we hung up, I went and purchased 100 shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) in my Roth IRA account at Vanguard.

My total cost was just under the $5,000 mark.

GBTC was the fastest and easiest way for me to get a stake in bitcoin by Teeka’s midnight deadline.

The fact that it was trading at discount to its net asset value made it an even better deal.

And by putting it in my Roth IRA, I would avoid all future tax liability if it ended up going as high as Teeka thought it could.

Of course, I still felt sick to my stomach as I pushed the “Buy” button and it has nothing to do with the money involved.

Even without the “Tiwari put” – Teeka’s offer to buy back my bitcoin investment – I can afford to lose the $5,000. It’s more about stepping outside my comfort zone and into something completely alien.

The funniest part of the story? My GBTC position is already up about 15% in less than 21 days while my gold and silver continue to do nothing. 

Best wishes,

Nilus Mattive signature

Nilus Mattive
Analyst, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. When Teeka first recommended bitcoin in 2016, people thought he was crazy. (I thought crypto was a crazy idea, too.)

Its market cap was just $6 billion. But this year, bitcoin became the first crypto to top $1 trillion. That’s a 16,377% gain in four years – enough to turn every $1,000 into $164,770.

As I said above, I finally dipped my toes into bitcoin. And Teeka believes it’ll 10x or 20x my money from here

He’s so confident in bitcoin, he even promised to buy back my bitcoin at any point in the future… even if it was far below my entry.

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