Mark Ford

From Mark Ford, founder, Palm Beach Research Group: I tried not to like Question of the Day, the new daily podcast by James Altucher and Stephen J. Dubner.

For those who don’t know, James is a writer/entrepreneur who’s founded over 20 businesses. He’s well-known for his groundbreaking book, Choose Yourself.

I wanted to shun it because I’m astonished by—and jealous of—James’ productivity. I like to say I’m the most productive person I know. But James Altucher puts me to shame (as does my friend Bob Bly).

Every day, James and Stephen discuss a question—it could be a question about business, personal productivity, literature, achievement, or almost anything else.

The conversations are off the cuff, which should result in mediocre output. But these are two intelligent guys who like to look at the world in fresh ways. It’s guaranteed the conversation will go somewhere interesting.

They’re close friends, but they rarely agree completely on any point. So, the extra bonus you’ll receive is an inside look into a rich and interesting friendship.

I enjoy the podcast, and I expect you will, too.