Mark reveals Part One of his “60 is the new 40” health regimen…

Mark’s articles on health and wellness in last week’s Daily sparked a deluge of feedback.

I promised readers I’d get the details on Mark’s keys to maintaining the health of someone 20 years his junior.

The piece below is from the office of Mark’s friend and doctor, Dr. Al Sears, M.D.:

The “battery of tests” Mark took were a series of tests that measured the length of his telomeres. Telomeres are the bits of DNA at the end of each chromosome. Every time your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter… like the burning fuse on a stick of dynamite.

When telomeres run down and burn out, cell division stops, and life comes to an end. But you can take steps to slow the loss, and in many cases rebuild them.

By having longer telomeres, you create a younger biological age. So, Mark’s chronological age may be 60-something, but the biological age of his heart, for example, could be in his late 30s or 40s, based on the length of the telomeres in his cardiac muscle tissue. The length of the telomere actually dictates how the cell looks and behaves. Longer telomeres generate younger cells, and vice versa.

Mark is also taking a number of supplements that support and elongate his telomeres.

Here are the details: Ultra Accel: a CoQ10 and PQQ product… Daily Power: a multivitamin with a number of nutrients and minerals left out by other brands (like boron and chromium)… Omega Rejuvenol: Dr. Sears’ answer to and replacement for fish oil, which also contains ALL the fat-soluble vitamins in one place… Estro-Cleanse: for lowering estrogen… and Telo-Essence: a primary telomere support and rebuilding supplement.

You can learn more about telomeres and how to wind back your biological clock in Dr. Sears’ free special report, 7 Steps to a More Youthful Life.