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Exposed: “Astroturf” will make you question everything you learn online

Everything you know about “grass roots” efforts is an illusion… In the clip below, veteran journalist Sharyl Attkisson exposes the nature of media manipulation today. It’s an approach called “astroturf.” The process cloaks large special interests’ goals under the guise of legitimate “grass roots” activism. For example, a government, corporation, or other powerful special interest […]

This $19 trillion mega trend is the “Third Industrial Revolution.” Here’s where to invest.

From Teeka Tiwari, editor, Mega Trends Investing: Think back to the “original Internet”—it connected people online though email and websites. We first accessed the Internet from a desktop computer at home or work. Internet access was a bit of a hassle in the early days. You probably connected with a modem that hooked through your […]

The milkman is back… and he’s living in your refrigerator

Your fridge will soon have a “payment capability”… Business Insider reports Samsung Pay—a mobile payment platform designed for the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone—will become the basis for most folks’ appliance-based Internet transactions. The new Samsung Pay service will let your fridge order replacement groceries for you. So when your milk gets low, a sensor sends […]