Whether you’re a long-time reader or you’ve just recently joined us, you know our main goal at PBRG is to help you turn tiny grubstakes into life-changing gains…

And Daily editor Teeka Tiwari has arguably helped more readers become millionaires than any other newsletter editor. His strategy is simple. Find a massive trend in its early stages… and buy the right companies to play it.

That’s how Teeka identified his first two trillion-dollar trades… Apple in 2003 and bitcoin in 2016. You can learn more about those trades here.)

Today, this strategy has led Teeka to his third… a trillion-dollar trade involving the burgeoning psychedelic therapeutics market.

These innovative treatments are solving the $3 trillion global mental health epidemic. And Teeka believes they’ll disrupt the traditional pharmaceutical industry.

To help him uncover the small companies that will return crypto-like gains in the psychedelic medicines market… Teeka’s partnered with the most well-connected man in the space.

His name is Mike “Zappy” Zapolin. And we’re thrilled to announce him as the newest member of PBRG.

Zappy’s a multimillionaire investor – and former Wall Street vice president – featured in VicePlayboy… and Fox News. And his reputation as the “psychedelic concierge to the stars” grants him advanced insight into cutting-edge psychedelic treatments and new investment opportunities.

He’s even filmed a documentary, Lamar Odom Reborn, which follows the former NBA and reality TV star’s psychedelic intervention to help break his addictions and lifelong anxiety.

The film is already a global phenomenon, with media coverage on Good Morning America, People Magazine, and Business Insider… And it’s allowed Zappy to share the benefits of psychedelic medicines with millions of viewers worldwide.

On Thursday, Teeka held a special event to introduce Zappy to the PBRG family – and announce their newest trillion-dollar opportunity. You can watch the replay right here

And then read on for more ways to take advantage of this trend…


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily