Few things get us more excited than big trends getting little coverage… That’s where you can find massive upside in the markets. Right now, gold and cryptos are hated—but both are showing signs of revival. And when hated assets are in an uptrend… look out.

Meanwhile, another massive trend is about to take off: sports gambling. This industry will eventually be bigger than booze and tobacco. And if those two businesses are any guide, we’ll see billions flow into this now-legal vice.

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Teeka Tiwari on the “Cyclical Bear Market” Playbook
Even lengthy market expansions—like we’re experiencing now—have short-term pullbacks. Here are a few risks out there that investors should be aware of

The Crypto Story You’re Not Hearing About
Despite plunging prices, the number of bitcoin transactions is still increasing. And the rapid innovation and adoption in the space is setting up for a massive rally in 2019

Why the Cure for Low Gold Prices Is Lower Prices
This year is shaping up to be one in which holding gold will start to pay off. The key is to get positioned now—before the move higher

This Vice Will Eventually Be Bigger Than Booze and Tobacco
The trick to making money in the stock market is spotting what’s on the horizon before it hits the mainstream news. That’s why this trend needs to be on every investor’s radar today

This Rare Event Will Send Bitcoin Prices Soaring
This key occurrence that sends bitcoin prices rocketing higher only occurs every four years. And if you want to profit from it, you’ll need to position yourself well ahead of time


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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