From Owen D.: Tom’s misleading essay on robots in the September 16 Daily was wrong in its basic premise.

Robots are to blame? I can’t believe this was even published. It’s as if he’s saying the worldwide use of the internal combustion engine was caused by the demise of buggy whips.

Innovation has always helped spread economic expansion, standards of living, employment opportunities, and freedom. Manufacturing has moved out of this country because our taxes and regulations are too costly.

After the presidential election in November 2016, our economy will quickly improve.

From Lorraine L.: Tom recently discussed his plans for holding cash reserves. This is very helpful, good advice. But I wonder how to use the cash when I want to.

For instance, if someone is audited, wouldn’t cash deposits to checking or savings accounts be questioned? If so, would Tom advise using the cash instead of credit?

PBRG Founder Tom Dyson’s Response: In a banking crisis—where banks are failing and people don’t have confidence in the banking system—cash will become extremely valuable. You won’t want to deposit it.

There will be lines of people around the corner trying to withdraw their money. Instead of credit, just use your cash.

From Tom S.: You asked what the greatest threat to my financial security is. It’s the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton personifies both the party’s leadership and its membership. Their ends justify whatever means are necessary to achieve them.

The education system and the media have covered—and will continue to cover—their tracks. And the opposition, with a large share of responsibility for the conditions that have developed, is long on talk but short on accomplishments.

China, Russia, and radical Islam have little to fear from America. The country is self-destructing… morphing into something much closer to what Marx envisioned than the republic of our founding fathers.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are just sideshow diversions for the masses. The president has done his job accomplishing changes from which there may be no recovery…

From Mark L.: In his book Seven Years to Seven Figures, Mark said he imagined a physical meeting place for club members.

Is there a real club where we can meet? I imagine something like the Harvard Club in the movie A Civil Action.

I live in South Florida, so if you have the club in Palm Beach, I’ll stop by when I can. Would Mark, Tom, Tim, and maybe even James Altucher show up? I don’t smoke cigars or drink, but I don’t mind if others do. I do like coffee.

Reeves’ Comment: Mark, if you ever saw the PBRG offices, I’m sure you’d be disappointed. There are no marble floors or Corinthian leather chairs. No butlers either, I’m afraid.

But all Infinity members are welcome to join Mark at his private cigar club at the conference this November… Tom, Tim, and James will be at the conference, as well.