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$  Only 750 people will get this… I just got off the phone with a close contact on the ground in Peru. He told me about a $2 stock with a massive new gold discovery. It’s five times more gold than the company produces now. Because it’s so thinly traded, we have to severely monitor the number of new members who access this research (we’ve set aside only 750 new spots). Find out more here.


  “It’s time to buy gold again.”

Palm Beach Letter Editor Teeka Tiwari says gold could ignite from $1,325 per ounce today to more than $3,600 thanks to two enormous converging forces at work in the global economy today. He details the best way to play the gold rally, right here.


$  Federal Reserve Member Gives Urgent Warning to Americans. The nation’s top bankers are warning of a “doomsday scenario” that threatens every American with a checking account. As the president of the Federal Reserve of Minneapolis puts it: “You type in your code, no money comes out.” And Janet Yellen—the most powerful banker on Earth—says, “We could find ourselves in a devastating spiral.” Click here to see how insiders (including a high-ranking member of Congress) are protecting themselves


  “Markets discover prices honestly… Elections are bogus.”

Bonner & Partners Chairman Bill Bonner says it doesn’t really matter who wins the race for the White House.

Whether it’s Clinton or Trump, Washington will still be run by a shadowy group of unelected elites who already hold all the power. It’s a disturbing story that few people understand. Bill exposes it right here.


$  You’ll Be SHOCKED If You Haven’t Seen This… If you haven’t seen this raw footage yet, the folks at Agora Financial aren’t sure why. In fact, they’d be shocked if you haven’t at least heard about it. That said, they believe it is simply too important for you to miss. So just to be 100% sure, you have a chance to see it… Please click here to view it now.


  “Cryptocurrencies are one of the areas where you can still make absolute fortunes with just a small amount of money.”

Just as ride-sharing company Uber is upending the global taxi industry, Palm Beach Letter Editor Teeka Tiwari says a new cryptocurrency could dethrone $300 billion social media titan Facebook. Learn more in this eye-opening interview.


$  Accidental Discovery Exposes “Legal Loophole” In the Gold Market. Whether you realize it or not, something big and important is happening in the global economy right now… A shift that is unprecedented in economic history… It’s going to hit us hard in America. And this may cause a once-in-a-century opportunity to make life-changing profits in the gold market. Details here.


  The government is working on another stealthy scheme to steal your gold…

Casey Research senior analyst Nick Giambruno says the government may not confiscate gold outright as it did in 1933… but it’s plotting a new, dangerous wealth-stealing angle.

Click here to read Nick’s succinct warning about the latest “trick” the government is concocting “to camouflage and sanitize legalized theft” of gold.


$  Nobody Is Going to Prison for This ONE Type of Insider Trading… According to our friends at The Oxford Club, there’s one clause in the SEC regulations that allows company insiders to collect HUGE profits… without breaking the law. For example, they said Victoire R. has LEGALLY made $317K since January… Denis K. legally made $201K in three months… and Barrett J. legally made $1.2 million in just eight days in July! They’re also saying the best part is this: Right now, you can make a killing by utilizing legal insider trades, too. Finally, one former salesman just wrote to tell us he “grossed more than $100K.” An ex-attorney said he “made over $200K.” Here’s how YOU could make as much as six figures using it.


  The Fed is about to give gold investors an enormous gift…

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is creating uncertainty by her indecision on rate hikes… and that’s good news for gold and gold stocks.

In today’s must-see 3-Minute Market Minder, The Palm Beach Letter’s Teeka Tiwari explains how this is creating a “magnet effect” that’s bullish for gold. Watch below to learn how Yellen will send gold soaring…