How many times have you bought a “hot growth” stock, only to see the stock fall in value?

Most investors think they can beat the market by following financial news stories. It sounds so easy. Find a big stock story before the crowd does, and you get rich.

That’s what Main Street believes.

But here’s the problem: You’re up against a web of “fake” news.

You see, Wall Street analysts aren’t pointing out their best opportunities so you can get rich. In many cases, it’s just the opposite. They’re trying to get you to buy the stock they’re dumping.

Let me explain…

How Wall Street “Hides” Its Activity

At the beginning of the second quarter of this year, I noticed a string of strange anomalies in my trading data.

Data that had been working for years suddenly went “wonky.” Trades built on sound methods started failing.

The trading action was so far off the norm, I knew there had to be a flaw somewhere in my data collection.

That’s when my team and I started a three-month journey to get to the bottom of what was happening to the data feeds my subscribers and I rely on.

It wasn’t easy. We’ve spent over $1 million researching it, including consulting with experts… buying massive data sets… and building algorithms from the ground up with a whole new data set.

Here’s what I found…

Big Wall Street firms, hedge fund managers, and big-money men of every ilk were making public statements that had the effect of changing the data we see on our charts.

At the same time, they were using private exchanges to “hide” their activity (much of which was opposite to their stated positions). So it never shows up in the charts you and I rely on.

These aren’t trades you’ll see on the New York Stock Exchange ticker tape. They don’t show up on stock charts. And you’ll never have the chance to get in on them.

In fact, our research shows 40% of all trading volume will never show up on the public charts. The good news is, after months of intensive research, we’ve found a way to bridge the “fake” news gap.

It has to do with a set of trading data little used by individual investors. It’s as close to a “lie detector” test as I’ve ever seen.

In testing, when we saw money managers go on TV and say, “I’m buying,” this data feed said, “No. That’s not true.” And when they went on TV and said, “I’m not selling,” again, this data said, “No. That’s not true.”

This little-used (by individuals) data set caught every “lie” we threw at it.

No wonder my performance was lagging. The good news is, once we factored this data into a series of backtests, trading results improved dramatically.

It gave us the opportunity to generate trades that averaged gains of $19,740… every time we tested it.

Just to be clear, what Wall Street is doing is completely legal. But it’s still deeply disturbing.

It tarnished the reputation of one of my heroes… and revealed how Wall Street is making out with billions in profits.

Tonight, at 8 p.m. ET, I’ll reveal exactly how Wall Street is secretly getting away with billions of dollars in profits by misleading the public.

More importantly, I’ll show you how you can use this data for yourself. So don’t get mad… get even, by joining me tonight, at 8 p.m.

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Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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