“Volatility” was the buzzword of the past month as the broad market suffered its worst losses of the year. Overall, the market was down nearly 10% in October. And that brought the bears out of hibernation…

At the Daily, we’re contrarians… So while the bears scream “crash,” we see a bullish rally in the offing. Our gurus make the case below.

And if you prefer to wait out this volatility, PBRG co-founder Mark Ford shares three places you can put your money to work outside the stock market…

Teeka Tiwari on “Is This Bull Market Over?”
The stock market had one of its worst monthly performances in nearly a decade. And October’s ride was incredibly bumpy. Is this the start of a bear market?

Two Steps for Staying Calm During Market Volatility
If you follow these two simple steps, you’ll be mentally prepared to handle any market situation

Mark Ford on Three Ways to Make Money Outside the Stock Market
Building wealth involves much more than just investing in stocks and bonds. To ensure financial growth, you need to diversify across asset classes. PBRG co-founder Mark Ford shares his three favorite asset classes right now

Why Our Wall Street Insider Is Still Bullish
Last month, the market experienced its worst sell-off of the year. What’s behind it, and when will it end?

Brazil Just Elected the “Trump of the Tropics”
Brazil’s new president is putting his country first, just like Trump. And that’s putting money in investors’ pockets


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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