$100,000 gone in 2.5 hours…

Bob* felt robbed. He felt betrayed. Most of all, he felt powerless. (*Bob isn’t his real name. It’s an alias to protect his anonymity.)

Last month, Bob had a hunch his favorite crypto was going to pump higher. The night before, he loaded up… ready to make some quick profits.

The next day, Bob’s coin exploded 300% higher. He was sitting on a cool $100,000 gain in one day. Eager to take his profits, he started to log into his Kraken account.

And that’s when the nightmare began…

Again and again, Bob tried to log onto the exchange. But each time, he was greeted with an error message. He feverishly glanced at the price of his crypto on the computer screen. It was peaking… and now was the time to get out.

Then suddenly, his worst fear came true: The pump was running out of steam… and the price of his coin was plunging quickly.

For two hours, Bob beat the keys on his keyboard… willing them to get him into his account while watching his $100,000 gain melt to $85,000… then $50,000… then $25,000… then back to zero… and eventually into a loss.

Finally, at the 2.5-hour mark, he got into his account. But the pump was over. His dreams of parlaying his fast $100,000 profit into an even greater return were dashed upon the rocks of reality… he was now holding a losing position.

Friends, this is a true story. Bob is a friend of a friend. And his experience shows the perils of trading on centralized exchanges like Kraken.

On a centralized exchange, you don’t truly “own” your assets. The exchange controls them. And the owner of the exchange can limit when, where, and how much you can trade.

It’s a problem I’ve been warning about for years. And Bob’s experience sent me down a new rabbit hole. I wanted to find a truly decentralized way to trade cryptocurrencies – or any other asset – on the blockchain.

The good news is, I’ve found it.

The Traditional Financial System Is Rigged Against You

As an investor, there’s not much worse than being 100% right on a trade… only to have circumstances stand in the way of cashing in.

That’s what happened to Bob. But we don’t only see this in crypto. We’ve also seen it in the stock market.

Just ask GameStop (GME) investors who made the mistake of owning GME shares on Robinhood.

The story of Redditors buying up shares of GameStop is the stuff of financial legend by now. The little guys took on Wall Street – and actually made the big dogs pay. But it wasn’t long before some centralized trading platforms delivered a reality check.

On January 28, Robinhood made the preemptive decision to sell people’s assets before they had a margin call… in other words, before the investors were running out of funds or even holding a losing position.

Think about that… It’s a violation of the basic concept of property rights our country and economy are built on.

Some investors were forced out of their GME shares at $114… only to watch the stock triple in value the next day. The non-transparent nature of centralized brokerage firms like Robinhood means the true shenanigans that went on may never truly come to light.

These two events – Bob’s crypto experience and the GameStop drama – illustrate the urgent need for a decentralized way to invest in stocks and cryptos.

Fortunately, the blockchain is filling that need. As I’ve written in past months, it’ll completely disrupt traditional finance as we know it.

Remember, blockchain applications use cutting-edge technology – including cryptography and self-executing “smart contracts” – to prevent third-party tampering without relying on a middleman.

Right now, these protocols already enable users to trade billions of dollars in assets… and all without any human intervention. These projects are springing up overnight and threaten to upend the business models of just about every traditional financial firm in the world.

In the future, it’s my belief every asset will be tokenized. That means stocks, bonds, titles of ownership, music rights – everything of value – will have its ownership rights secured by a blockchain.

And you’ll be able to exchange that value with a click of a mouse – just like when you send an email.

Best of all, there won’t be any middleman like Robinhood or Kraken to stand in your way to life-changing gains…

The Next Wave of Cryptos

One of the most exciting aspects of this technological shift is a new subclass of cryptos called “Tech Royalties,” and it’s about to completely disrupt the traditional financial system.

Tech Royalties are relatively easy to understand. If you know how a traditional royalty works then you’ll understand how Tech Royalties work.

Take a computer manufacturer, for example. It pays Microsoft a royalty for the right to use its Windows operating system on the computers it makes.

Tech Royalties are the crypto equivalent… They’re a brand-new way for blockchain projects to drive the adoption of their technology by allowing investors to take part and cash in as the projects grow.

How will traditional brokerages compete against decentralized exchanges that can make and clear trades instantaneously and transparently… for fractions of a penny?

They can’t. And that’s why I believe these new cryptos will be the technology that destroys many of today’s dominant financial giants.

They’ll also make early investors a fortune.

For instance, the average gain among the Tech Royalties I’ve recommended to my subscribers is 543%, along with annual royalties averaging 10%… and this trend is only getting started. In 2021 alone, I expect Tech Royalties to pay out an incredible $2.3 billion.

Recognizing technological change is hard. So if you’re skeptical, I get it. It’s difficult to imagine a future so different from the present… especially when the current system is rigged against the little guy.

That’s why tonight at 8 p.m. ET, I’m holding a special Tech Royalty Summit to show you how these investments work.

Plus, I’ll reveal why you must get into them before 45 million new buyers come stampeding in. (Don’t worry, I’ll explain exactly where all those new buyers are coming from and how to get in before they do.)

If Tech Royalties continue to break out like I expect, then the life-changing profits ahead will be beyond anything you’ve ever seen before. So join me tonight at 8 p.m. ET, and let me show you how a handful of Tech Royalty investments could transform your financial life forever.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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