There are about 220 countries on Earth. Doug Casey has been to 160 of them…

But while others are fighting for seats on the tour bus in these various locales, Doug is hobnobbing with the country’s president. Or a business magnate. Or a CIA operative…

Here’s the best part—anyone can do this. That’s the most powerful takeaway from Doug’s recent interview on The James Altucher Show: Stop reading about things. Start doing them. 

Or as Doug says, “Don’t be a plant.”

The perspective you’ll gain is one that few can match… and your experiences will unlock doors to everything from off-market investment opportunities to an elite circle of friends and contacts second to none.

You can listen to five life-changing insights, direct from Doug, right here. Then pick up a copy of his newest book, Speculator, right here.

[The Three Wise Men of Wealth Building are Mark Ford, Bill Bonner, and Doug Casey… three of the smartest, most successful men alive today.]