It’s the most profitable law of economics… and people ignore it all the time.

Back in 2003, I begged my clients to listen to this law.

I did the same in 2016… and then again in March 2020… and now again in 2021.

I’m talking about the law of supply and demand.

If supply decreases while demand increases… prices have nowhere to go but up. It’s Economics 101.

In 2003 I argued the iPod (only available to Apple users at first) would explode in popularity when Apple rolled out a PC-compatible version.

At the time, Apple was trading for a split-adjusted dollar and change per share. Today, it’s at $151.

In 2016, I proselytized about the future demand for rare decentralized crypto assets and banged the drum on buying bitcoin and Ethereum at $428 and $9, respectively. Today, they’re around $61,700 and $4,530.

In March 2020, I held an online briefing viewed by nearly 40,000 people and told them institutional demand was going to explode for bitcoin… just as the new supply was about to be cut in half.

At the time, bitcoin was $5,400. Since then, it’s been as high as $66,930.

Again and again, I’ve shown that if you can understand the dynamics of supply and demand, you can make life-changing fortunes.

In each of these cases, we saw a combination of unprecedented demand meeting limited supply. Even in Apple’s case, they couldn’t make the iPods fast enough to fill demand, giving them huge pricing power.

Nowhere else does wealth accumulate more rapidly due to supply and demand imbalances than in the world of crypto.

The most well-known example is the bitcoin halving.

If you’re not familiar with the halving, it’s when the supply of new bitcoin is cut in half every four years. It’s preprogrammed in bitcoin’s code.

But here’s the important thing to know about bitcoin halvings: You must position yourself before they start.

That’s how you profit from the explosive surge in price, fueled by reduced supply and increased demand.

My subscribers who positioned themselves before the 2016 bitcoin halving saw the chance to make gains as high as 14,619% and 26,977%…

And those who got in before the 2020 halving saw some of my picks soar as high as 2,950% and 5,121%.

If you didn’t position yourself before those halvings… I have some bad news for you. The chance to make life-changing, massive multi-thousand percent gains in those coins is gone.

But the good news is I’ve found a once-in-a-lifetime event happening in the crypto market that’ll be bigger than all the other halvings combined.

I call this event the Second Phase.”

An Ethereum Supply Cut Is Coming

Many of my subscribers became seriously wealthy from the 2016 bitcoin halving… I believe the Second Phase will be even bigger.

You see, while the bitcoin halving happens every four years… the Second Phase is programmed to happen only once.

So, what exactly is the Second Phase? It involves Ethereum (ETH).

Let me explain…

The next stage of transformational software development will happen on the blockchain… not the traditional internet. And Ethereum is the world’s most widely used blockchain development platform.

Over the next decade, I believe Ethereum has the potential to grow into the world’s most valuable software development platform. That’s why I predict it’ll be the next trillion-dollar coin in market cap behind bitcoin.

Along with its fundamentals, there’s another huge catalyst on the horizon for Ethereum.

Thanks to the Second Phase, we’re about to see a major reduction in its incoming supply.

The Second Phase is Ethereum’s transition from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocol to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol.

I don’t want to get into the weeds… But when Ethereum finally completes this transition and “merges” its PoW network with its PoS model, we’ll see as much as a 90% reduction in the amount of new ETH coming to market.

So, after the Second Phase, Ethereum will become a deflationary currency, as there will be fewer tokens in circulation – making each more valuable.

Over the longer term, I think you will see ETH reach $40,000 per token. That’s a 10x move from today. However, that future is several years away.

Rather than waiting years for 10x, there’s a much bigger immediate opportunity to make 10 lifetimes of wealth over the next 365 days. It all has to do with a subsector of the crypto market tied to Ethereum’s code change.

I call these life-changing cryptos Tech Royalties.

If you know how a traditional royalty works, then you understand how Tech Royalties work, too.

Just like musicians receive a royalty payment every time their songs play, crypto Tech Royalties pay investors as the underlying crypto’s usage grows and expands.

Here’s why I want you to position yourself in Tech Royalties now…

Rarer Than a Bitcoin Halving

As I’ve already shared, some of my smaller altcoin recommendations went up thousands of percent after the bitcoin halving. These ideas changed the lives of many of my subscribers forever.

The Second Phase will be bigger because it’s programmed to happen only once. And my research tells me it’s Tech Royalties that will be among the biggest winners.

It all has to do with my No. 1 moneymaking strategy: Understanding supply and demand.

You see, a once-in-a-lifetime combination of limited supply and unprecedented demand is about to kick off the biggest moneymaking stampede of your life. And if you miss it… you’ll never have a second shot.

That’s why I held a free “Tech Royalties 2.0: The Second Phase” livestream last Wednesday to help you prepare…

Over 24,000 viewers learned all about the Second Phase and got the name of my No. 1 Tech Royalty just for showing up… along with details on six Tech Royalties that can help you potentially capture 10 lifetimes of wealth over the next 365 days.

If you don’t already own Tech Royalties, you must act now.

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Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily