Since 2016, I’ve helped numerous people make an enormous amount of money in crypto.

Over that time, 27 of my crypto picks have jumped at least over 1,000%.

These include peak gains of 18,275% and 54,103% on blue-chip tokens like bitcoin and Ethereum… and 156,753% and 6,265%, respectively, on altcoins like Antshares and IoTeX.

What I’ve learned over the years is that these types of life-changing crypto profits come in massive waves.

These waves always involve a new crypto trend that most people have never heard of.

The mainstream media usually doesn’t understand these trends. So they’re either silent about it… or say it’s nonsense and dismiss it as a fad.

That’s why most investors who just watch mainstream outlets end up missing these opportunities.

But for people like you who are looking for alternative, out-of-the-box, and asymmetric investment ideas… When you catch one of these waves, it could completely transform your finances faster than any other asset.

If you missed out on the last two waves of crypto profits, you now have a third and, perhaps, final chance to turn a small stake into generational wealth.

The First Wave of Massive Profits

The First Wave of massive profits came in 2016, after bitcoin established itself as an asset.

By that year, it was obvious that nothing could kill it… not government regulations… not the traditional financial industry… not malicious actors like hackers.

Bitcoin’s existence paved the way for a new generation of altcoins. And unlike bitcoin, they weren’t just a store of value.

Instead, they were powering unique blockchain applications like smart contracts and peer-to-peer payments.

When I first started recommending altcoins in 2016, many were trading for pennies.

Because they were so cheap, I knew investing in the right altcoins would be like turning back the clock and buying bitcoin in 2009.

The first altcoin I recommended was Ethereum. Hardly anyone had ever heard of the project at the time.

But I had done my research… and even met with the co-creator of Ethereum, a wunderkind by the name of Vitalik Buterin.

My research convinced me that the next stage of transformational software development would happen on the blockchain… not the traditional internet. And Ethereum was – and still is − the world’s most widely used blockchain development platform.

Anyone who ignored the naysayers and acted on my recommendation had the chance to see peak gains of 54,103%. That’s enough to turn every $1,000 into $542,030.

And Ethereum wasn’t the only altcoin I recommended during the First Wave.

When I saw Wall Street was actually putting money into crypto, I knew the industry would grow exponentially.

So I recommended a project called Binance. It’s a crypto-only trading exchange. So I knew it would benefit from the overall growth of the industry.

At the time, Binance traded for less than $2.

After my recommendation, it exploded higher than anyone could have imagined. My readers had a chance to turn $1,000 into as much as $367,000.

You’d forgive me if I just stopped here. But crypto’s Second Wave was just as big as its first. And the gains were incredible…

The Second Wave of Massive Profits

The Second Wave actually started during the depths of the 2018 Crypto Winter.

At the time, bitcoin had crashed from a high of $19,424 to a low of $3,217. The entire crypto market had plunged 88%.

Despite all the price destruction, an entirely new innovation came to market.

Blockchain developers had the bright idea of offering payouts as an incentive to get people to adopt their coins. They rightly believed that as more people adopt a coin… the more valuable that project becomes.

These payouts are similar to stock dividends. However, instead of paying out in dollars, these payments are in more of the underlying crypto.

So as the price of the crypto goes up, not only do you make capital gains… The income you collect could potentially go up exponentially.

This concept was so novel, my publishers didn’t want me to write about it. They said, “Teeka, the everyday person is not going to believe it.”

Again, I held my ground. And I started recommending income coins in 2018.

One of the first income tokens I recommended was IoTeX. It was trading for less than a penny.

Nobody was talking about it.

But I knew this coin had potential because it was solving a big problem. It uses blockchain technology to increase privacy in smart devices, like home cameras.

It also came with automatic payouts. That’s why I recommended it to my readers in 2019.

Anyone who followed that recommendation had a chance to turn $1,000 into almost $55,000. On top of that, they had the chance to collect almost $9,000 in automatic payments.

As you can see, these massive waves of profits always involve a crypto trend so new that the mainstream media either doesn’t know about it or doesn’t understand it.

So they’re silent about it, or they say it’s nonsense. That’s why most people ended up missing the First and Second Waves of massive profits.

The Third Wave of Massive Crypto Profits Is Upon Us

I need you to understand this: These massive crypto waves are rare.

You may see them only once or twice per decade. The key to reaping life-changing gains from them is to get into the wave early.

And right now, you have your third – and perhaps final – chance to grow grubstakes exponentially.

That’s because a venture backed by some of the biggest players on Wall Street is set to roll out before the end of the year.

Based on my research, this venture could unleash a $100 trillion opportunity. That’s almost 150x bigger than bitcoin’s entire market cap.

I call it Crypto’s Third Wave. And the mainstream media is completely missing it…

I want to be clear: This venture has nothing to do with the inevitable approval of one of the many spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) under review by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

An ETF approval will primarily impact bitcoin, which has a market cap of about $820 billion.

Although the SEC’s approval of a bitcoin ETF would be a huge win for crypto… What I’m talking about could be orders of magnitude bigger.

That’s because this new trend is set to transform everything in the markets… stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, commodities… you name it.

It could impact every single 401(k) and retirement account in the United States. I believe it will even impact your checking and savings accounts.

Tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET, I’ll reveal what this venture is… the Wall Street powerhouses behind it… and details about five altcoins I believe will ride to new highs.

Plus, I’ll also give you the name of a coin that could potentially 8x your money during the Third Wave… completely free of charge.

You can click here to reserve your seat.

Friends, I know right now everyone is worried about inflation… the conflict in the Middle East… and the 2024 election.

But a year from now, the world will look radically different. Everybody will forget about the chaos we’re in right now, and they’ll say, “My good lord, how did I not see it?”

“How did I not see that Wall Street was moving its entire business to the blockchain?”

I don’t want you in that boat.

I want you in the boat that says, “We saw it, we took advantage of it, and we made massive gains… And we did it without risking our current lifestyle.”

Let the Game Come to You!

Big T