Save early, save often…

Financial adviser David Bach calculated the amount you’d need to save—every day—to have $1 million by age 65 (factoring in a 12% annual return).

Business Insider took Bach’s numbers and adjusted them for more conservative returns. The results give you a good idea of what you need to stash away to hit a $1 million retirement goal.


  The information is refreshing…

It’s not flashy. There’s no hype or exotic strategies. As such, Wall Street has zero interest in sharing this insight with you.

But it’s the foundation of real wealth building. As you’ll see below, it’s the exact method Mark used to grow his fortune…

You can begin, as I did, with a goal of saving $10 per day. Once that becomes easier, you’ll want to raise the ante. My first year, I hiked it to $15. Then $50.

Soon, your addiction to saving will make it possible for you to raise your target much higher.

I’ve explained this strategy to many people over the years. And I don’t think a single one ever took it seriously. Perhaps it didn’t seem clever enough for them. Or perhaps they felt they were already doing well following the investment schemes they were using at the time.

But none of them ever acquired the wealth I did. They sometimes had great individual hits—or even streaks of winners when the markets were favorable. But as time passed, Mr. Market always had his way with them.

In the race for wealth, I’ve always been a tortoise. But by following this simple rule of getting richer every day, I was able to do better than I ever expected… without a single day of feeling poorer than I was the day before.

I want you to be in this position, too. Get a bit richer by saving something, anything, and start today.

Bottom line: There are no magic bullets. Wealth building takes time, effort, and discipline. Start with $10 per day. You’ll be amazed by how fast your savings—and your commitment as a genuine wealth builder—grows.

(If you’re just beginning your wealth-building journey, don’t miss Mark’s classic essay on saving and investing: “The Secret of the Golden Buckets.” You can access it for free, right here.)

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