American scientists and engineers created the Internet… but PBS reports American consumers pay more than anyone in the world for Web access.

And U.S. connections are up to eight times slower than other parts of the world.

The good news is you can reduce your bill and increase your speed with these two simple tips…

  1. How to slash the cost of your Internet service:
    For the cost of being assertive (but courteous), you can reduce your monthly rates with your Internet service provider (ISP). Ask to speak with the retention department. Explain to the representative your bill is just too high.
    If he offers you a cheaper plan that still won’t work for you, say so. Stay firm.
    We’ve seen providers slash prices for six months, throw in extra services for free, and even reduce the overall cost of a bill by up to 50% to keep their customers’ business.
  2. How to get the maximum speed out of your service:
    ISPs routinely throttle Internet speeds depending on usage limits, time of day, and the amount of bandwidth you consume. They control the speed of your Internet… and it may dip far below what you’ve paid for.
    To keep them honest, go to Speedtest and run a free test. If your actual speed clocks in at less than you’re paying for, call and complain. The ISP will likely offer a free month or an upgrade to the next level. For a free, in-depth discussion on throttling and more testing options, click here.